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Should i build a stadium?

Yes!! Sounds like a great idea 19 vote(s) 70.4%
No! Waste of time 1 vote(s) 3.7%
Its got to be built right and look perfect for this to work! 7 vote(s) 25.9%
  1. coollogo_com-51089209.png
    Jake_bagby will be building most of the arena but i will have some help from nfell and hopefully others!
    A big arena/stadium that will have multiple uses and can be used by the community for events (fee's apply!) The arena will be used for a variety of special events such as spleef tournaments, drop party's, massive auctions etc.
    On Jake_bagby's Res 9008 (smp4)
    Building work has already started and its going to be a long project! The estimated finish time is unknown but it will take a couple of months to complete. The estimated finish time is now moved to Mid-End of February as progress has been higher than expected.
    I have not been doing much with my 2nd res lately and i held a vote on what should be built on the res and the winner was a community project so this is my idea of giving to the community. I wanted something that would keep me busy on EMC!
    Want to donate to this project? Donate either rupee's to Jake_bagby or donate items at 9008!

    Also soon i will run a small competition on this thread to suggest a name for the arena for 500r.
    I will update this thread with pictures and information. As far as i know it will be the only event arena on SMP 4! So do you think this is a good idea or waste of time?
    Arena Mangement
    Manager- Jake_bagby
    Assistant Manager and Redstone Technician- nfell2009
    Assistant Manager- ben_taylor10
    Builder- Fellyboy
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  2. Really cool idea Jake! I will be happy to help in anyway :)
  3. Bump! Come on guys/gals!:D
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  4. You should talk to the mods ICC and Aikar and maybe talk about building on on one of the servers on one of the huge plots maybe not:)
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  5. Bake_Jagby you should make it on SMP 2 where the cool kids are you should bring all your reses there
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  6. Added a cool logo!
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  7. and Bake if you need some resources or a hand to work please call me up
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  8. Both my res' are on SMP 4 and i will not be moving them unfortunately. SMP 4 for life!:D
  9. That would be nice but i doubt it would happen!:(
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  10. Get diamond and put 2 reses on smp2
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  11. Gotta say you are tempting me!
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  12. I think it's a great idea. I can also supply items should you need them.
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  13. Thank you! Since the overall feedback was positive i am going to start planning in single player!
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  14. Good, let me know what you will be needing.
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  15. Maybe people will be able to rent/reserve the arena for like 2 hours for 500r
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  16. Sounds nice!
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  17. You've read my mind!
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  18. Bumpity Bump!:)
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  19. i started a fourm about this on smp9 a sporting complex lol
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  20. Link me please!
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