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Are you awesome at redstone?

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  1. I am looking for an experienced person at redstone to help me make an obsidian farm, and the system is underground, I supply, just give me a list of items you need for this, I hoping to use rails and a minecart but if not and you can just use redstone and repeaters then that would actually be very great!

    this area is a 9 x 14 area, so I will need a ton of dispensers, and redstone, idk how I am going to refill a ton load of Lava Buckets, this could be overground I think but, I will let you decide.
  2. I am not AWESOME sat readstone but I have the basics down flat. Depends on how complicated the obsidian farm is, but they tend to be pretty simple so I could probably help. I will probably only get on and do it if it is this week, I have band camp next week. :3 But I can certainly try to design one in single player.
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  3. I can do it as I have been into redstone for about 2 years now and can come up with my own designs.
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  4. so you can do what I am planning to do? I am not going to hell to get lava and risk my life losing all of my stuff so I only need to use 1 lava bucket per dispenser, and recall it back to it's respective dispenser
  5. Sure but I am starting school back tomarrow and I an starting high school so I can be very busy but I will get on as much as I can.
  6. I get off school in late May is why tomarrow, also you should not be using the h word on the forums as it offends some people.
  7. First of all: intriguing project, one I've tried setting up a few times as well but there are some major complications here. Now, unfortunately I don't have enough time to actually get involved, but maybe a little brainstorming can also help a little bit. This is one of those projects which sits on my infamous todo list ;)

    One thing, before we even get started:

    That is not going to work. Creating obsidian with lava means that the lava sourceblock will be used up during the process. So if you're setting something like this up you'll be looking at some major lava distribution requirements.

    But that doesn't have to be too much of a problem. There are several servers where the "nether outpost" sits directly on top of a lava field. So all you'd need is a fire resist potion, create a ghast resistant platform (cobble) and you're all set for the refueling part (this is how I keep my lava forge going). And once the lava around the field has been depleted a bit: new fire resist potion and just expand said field (or consider going to dig down a little). There are plenty of options here without having to risk your life in the nether (also because you'll always be within running distance from the outpost).

    Now, before I continue keep one thing in mind: I never bothered to "cheat" by checking out youtube designs and always went for my own. So I might be overlooking something obvious.

    You have 3 main issues to work out:
    • (lava) Distribution - Because you need source blocks it'll be tricky to set up larger fields. You can't fuel them from the top because if you place a lava source block somewhere on top it'll stay there and lava will flow down. But all the subsequent lava "parts" won't be usable for obsidian, only cobble. So you're looking at a grid.
    • Refueling - If we keep the above grid pattern in mind then some blocks / dispensers (esp. in the middle) can only be reached from below. And so the first dilemma arises: are you going to use that area for triggering the dispenser or refueling it. Triggering one dispenser won't necessarily trigger the others (like with pistons where a redstone signal can be picked up by multiples) so there is an issue here.
      • One solution I once thought of was a cobble/obsidian mixture. So leaving gaps which you'd use to refuel, obviously resulting in strips of cobble getting generated.
    • Triggering / timing - If you're going to trigger a massive dispenser field you're going to need some careful timing, otherwise you'd risk some ticks getting skipped by the server. So one line of redstone which tries to trigger all dispensers at once is most likely not going to cut it.
    Like I said: just brainstorming here, maybe some things can help and maybe some things sound way too obvious, I dunno ;) But most definitely an interesting project!
  8. The 1.8 update may have changed this, so please let me know if it did, but prior to 1.8 you could make obsidian farms that didn't take the lava source block, just as he has requested. Instead, it took a piece of either string or Redstone...
  9. That was patched in 1.8. :)
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  10. Never mind I checked and this bug/feature has been removed and it does indeed take a source block now, sorry for the outdated information...

    Edit: Ninja'd
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  11. Wow ShelLuser, that is very impressive, I will look it over and see if i will change my mind on this one.
  12. It's still possible to make an obsidian farm, but as stated, you need a constant source of lava. However, if you're willing to go farm a dc of lava per 54 obsidian, it's possible to make a machine that quickly and automatically converts it.
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  13. OKay...I choose you!
  14. Incorrect. You do not need lava to make obsidian. You can use string or red stone as a replacement.
    View from front: (w=water, l=lava, s=string or redstone, h=tripwire hook (necessary for string)


    Lava is also able to be poured out from a dispenser and pulled back in for easy harvesting. I will edit this with a YouTube video in a moment.


    This is purely to demonstrate the ability to do this, I have a model that works much better for large amounts of obsidian that I could customize for the given space above.
  15. As PenguinDJ also mentioned above: this was a bug which has been patched in Minecraft 1.8. Considering that Empire runs on 1.8 this trick no longer works.
  16. You're welcome to build this, but it will no longer work.
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