Highschool Advice?

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  1. I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some advice for Highschool.

    I have never studied before nor do I know how to do it. Heh "never studied" (^^;
    Can anyone of you guys give me tips/advice? Also, I don't know about clubs/ group activites/ sports because I can't handle working in groups. I don't want to do any clubs or sports because of involvment with people and I already know how to do most of the stuff AND/ OR I really don't have talent in it. If you guys can help me out thank you!!:D
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  2. Don't worry about it, highschool(at least for myself) isn't bad at all after the first year. Yes, you're gonna get more homework and stuff, so you'll just have to dedicate some time each day to whatever you have left. Use your time efficiently in class though and you'll have 75% less work.
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  3. Thank you so much that helps alot!! (^^;
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  4. All these teachers talk about is highschool is going to be hard, It's not at all. Highschool is the same as middle school, A place to learn and create a career. There's two types of people in highschool,. The people that try, and the people that don't. Choosing the right one is crucial for your success. Just go into highschool with a good attitude and your teachers will like you as a student. Don't worry about homework either, It's not hard at all if you study!
  5. Thank you. Of course, the teacher says that it's hard .-.
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  6. Even if you don't want to, I would suggest joining a club. They will look good on a college applications and be good if you have any post highschool plans. Other than that, be a normal student. If your school is anything you can expect a bit of freshman hazing but nothing major, so don't be worried about that. Highschool overall is a fun experience, at least I've enjoyed myself. :3
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  7. Im not the best to ask for advise yes i was a straight A student but i slept allot through high school
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  8. What I am about to say comes from a rising Junior who takes advanced courses and does extremely well in them, so keep that in mind. I went into highschool expecting only one class to be hard, and it kicked my butt. That was partly because of the teacher, but I didn't give up which is important. I admit I didn't study much and I remember teachers saying that highschool would be so much harder and more work, but I got work in the same 3 classes basically (math, history and latin). As highschool goes on do expect it to get harder and to put in more work, but it does depend on the courses you take. If you take AP courses you definitely get work. As odd as this might sound I found I did best when I went into a harder class, like AP World History, expecting to get a B+ if I was lucky. That just made me work harder because I did not want a B and I ended with an A and in my case a 96. I still haven't perfected my study habits and doubt I will, but for me I still do well with just taking the notes and reviewing them the night before the test or even right before for most classes.
  9. Learn how to study, from my years in high school (Currently Senior in high school), I never/minimally studied. You need to learn to study for college, you will not pass college without studying. Developed the skills now so you can use them in the future...
  10. I got out of high school at 16 and a half because I studied and I did my work. High school is not a big deal its just like middle school. I personally enjoyed high school. Clubs are good for high school because it give you a chance to get to know more people and just know the school Better. Just don't worry you'll do fine and hang out with good people that won't pressure you to do things :D
  11. i just went through my GCSE's ( majour uk exams, not sure what they are called in other country's ) but i could not study for long periods of time so i decided to revise/study in shorter periods of time which i found helped me ALLOT. Hope this helps :)
  12. I don't want to do clubs because of involvment with other people. Keep in mind that i've been bullied for many years.Go figure why I don't wanna be in clubs :\
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  13. No clubs = NO college

    You need to join clubs, colleges won't accept you often if you don't...
  14. Welcome to Freshman, would suggest doing clubs, AP classes, and maybe even a sport. College's will have a higher chances of offfering
  15. I feel like there is some minor inaccuracy to this, but I just can't lay my finger on it
  16. I think it more has to do with how good you are. If you are very good at math or another subject I think the college could not care less if you were part of a club or not. Most colleges accept on qualification. If you do well they want you. Beside you don't even need to go to succeed. I mean bill gates I don't think finished collage and look at him. It really depends on what job you want. Some jobs you really need a collage education.
  17. I would recommend joining something to begin developing those crucial social skills you will need in life. No matter what you choose to do after high school, be it college, a career, trade school, work, ect, you will need people skills and those come with practice from being around people :) If you're not comfortable starting one right away, don't. Just feel out the different opportunities the school has to offer and maybe one will peak your interest. There are so many people in high school that it's easy to eventually find a niche and some friends even if it takes a little more time. :)

    As far as studying goes, study skills are very important. You may have some already without knowing it :) Set a goal for how well you'd like to do in each class each semester. Being proactive by paying attention in class is first. Take notes if it's something that you think is important or you won't remember. There are several websites that outline how to take notes. I recommend the 2-column method. Always do the assigned readings, ask for help when you need it, and when there is homework and projects, do a bit everyday to space it out. You may need to carve out a homework time as well as a nook somewhere in your living space that is organized and distraction free. Staying organized helps with all of this. I often suggest that my students color-code all of their binders/notebooks/folders for each class. That seems to help them out significantly. Use a planner to organize assignments, dates, ect. Writing them down on scraps of paper may cut it for a bit of time, but it creates bad habits and builds up stress in the long run. Obviously, there are chaotic weeks where you may not be able to do all of this, but if you have a schedule and begin some sort of daily school routine, it will all help in some way or another. These are all research-based, best practice study skills that I used to teach when I taught high school a few years ago.
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  18. On top of doing your homework and all that stuff, just be yourself.
  19. I like to think of myself as somewhere in the middle(don't want to try but do because I care about grades).
    Overall there is nothing to fear about freshman year. I went in my freshman year knowing absolutely nobody. Just be slightly more talkative than usual and make friends while paying attention and learning. Just try enough to do well, don't get stressed.
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  20. I went to a terrible, horrible, advanced school. My freshman year was an absolute breeze. I had little homework, never studied, and then my Sophomore and Junior years were the worst things to happen to me. I had at least 3 hours of homework every night, not including studying, and my district was insane with standardized testing. I had to take about 4 of these big tests at the end of the year (along with finals), where if I didn't pass the test, I didn't pass the grade.

    This, paired with some emotional trauma I faced, ended with me leaving the toxic school to finish off the year and the next in "Virtual School."

    I'm not telling this to scare you, I just want you to be aware that there are schools that may not care about your mental well-being. There are schools that you are nothing but a dollar sign to them. It's okay to be stressed, and it's okay to realize that you're in over your head. Use your resources, find real and supportive friends, be smart about who you associate with. If you do decide that you need an easier alternative, don't feel bad about it.

    Colleges acceptance DOES NOT rely on clubs. Many of my closest friends have gone on to very nice colleges without ever having been in clubs. Some have even walked out of their high school and gotten a job in the career field they were going to pursue anyways.