High's new NightLight! (Scared of the Dark?)

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  1. And other paraphernalia...


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  2. Expensive minecraft loot ;-;
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  3. He must have killed at least 5 Marlixes for that stuff...

    That nightlight is pretty awesome, though.
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  4. Sir, I need you to step out of the vehicle while we search it....
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  5. *Hisack's new nightlight and other paraphernalia
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  6. I would stab you and knock you out with sedatives for the nightlight. You can keep the stickers :p
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  8. my friend has the torch one
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  9. Like these?
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  11. Me and Sack playing MC IRL!
    I can't figure out how to change that steve skin though!

    Woof Woof, let me in!
  12. Heh I the torch
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  13. What is cool, is that the torches bottom flips out with screw hole mounts, so you may 'mount' them on the wall just as you would do so in minecraft. Sack determined that he wants a MC themed room, so will have some basic colors, and have some fun stuff around to tie it together.
    Now to find some red covers and a white pillow...
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  14. I like his name

    and back in 2012, I wanted a Minecraft themed room with wooden plank wallpaper lol and a minecraft themed bed
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  15. This is your guilty pleasure :p At night time when everyone's asleep you sneak downstairs to play with this :p (Well, you're normally awake at night anyway xD)
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  17. I so jelly
    My kinda-brother has practically all the figures like the cow and stuff haha. Their heads spin all they way around though, which is creepy xD
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  18. OWL COW
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