Hide chests. Great for survival. [1.7]

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  1. So I was derping around the youtubes, and I found something that is very interesting and could be using in the Wilderness itself(if mojang don't be mean and let us do this.)

  2. Yeah, I saw this earlier, the only tricky part is getting the blank map, but after that, it's good to go :)
  3. Not really, you just go to the nether, get some paper, make the NEW map in the nether without looking at it, come back to the wilderness, and it is done. It will be extremely easy in EMC because we have /nether wastelands and we can do that and go back to town. :D
  4. When I said tricky, I didn't mean hard...
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  5. Sounds like this will be very helpful in the wild.

  6. Until you forget where you out your chest by putting items frames all around it. With the map thingy...
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  7. Well im screwed...
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  8. Or you could leave your chest in plain sight and lock it for the cheap price of 1000r.
  9. Cheap price? You sure?
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  10. Rei's minimap+chest as waypoint=chest that only you can find.
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  11. Yeah 1000r is quite cheap for the ability to lock a chest, it might not be for new/poorer members but if you have 20k+ then it doesn't seem that much :p
  12. A map cost less than 1k, lol. You could lock it, but this looks like a good alternate to just not lock it. :p
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  13. the map may not cost 1k, but when they break it randomly and steal all your stuff inside how much do you think thats going to cost?
  14. Bite has a good point i suppose you lock your chest for a good reason and not to just put dirt in.
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  15. This doesn't have to only be used for chests, we can make invisible staircases, blocks, and rooms. It could be used for residences. Scavenger hunts on residences in chests. It doesn't need to be only used for chests in the wild.
  16. agreed and the concept is quite cool. i was replying to this however
  17. From what I remember, it doesn't hide blocks
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