[Hidden April Fools] Multiplying Marlixes

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  1. Hello Empire! As you've probably seen by the title, I ran into an April Fools prank by Aikar yesterday. I'll explain why it was early in a little bit.

    I was on SMP1 out in the wild at azoundria's mining outpost, ready to do some mining with my nearly-broken gear, when suddenly I sensed something:

    You sense an eerie presence...

    Great, now I had to fight a Marlix. Nothing special - I switched from difficulty 1 to 6 (to get some extra item drops), stored my junk in my enderchest, replaced by worn out diamond helmet with an iron one, and staircased up to the surface.

    After a minute or two I finally found the Marlix. I started to engage when I looked to my left to a swamp biome, and I saw another. "Cool, a double spawn!" I thought. I hadn't seen a Marlix in forever, and to finally get two!?


    I took one down in just a few shots. "Well that was anticlimactic. And, to be honest, a bit boring," I concluded. The Marlix dropped nothing - no tokens, no drops - not even the guaranteed ones. At least, I couldn't find them.

    Regardless, I went to take down the second Marlix. This one was a bit trickier, to say the least. I managed to get in a few good shots when I saw over a mountain what I suspected to be another Marlix.

    "Well... this can't be right." I killed the second Marlix and got a good amount of tokens and vault vouchers from it. I moved to kill the third. I traversed over a mountain and saw... what!?


    Look closely and you'll see 3 Marlixes just chillin' waiting for me to fight them.

    After a quick one-sided fight I was dead next to a jungle - one that I couldn't find later on.

    Rather than fight the third with an unenchanted diamond sword and half a suit of iron armor, I decided to get Matheus and explain the situation to him. After a quick questioning of time zones, I confirmed that it was not an April Fools joke... at least not by me.

    We hopped on over to SMP1 and Matheus teleported to my death location and stored by stuff for me (thanks!). And then, he went and got Simon, who was having internet troubles at the time. He went hunting the Marlixes for me, as I thought it was a glitch.

    I asked Matheus if this was the Empire's April Fools joke, and he could neither confirm or deny because he didn't know. Uh-oh!

    After walking around for a few minutes and gathering my items, I ran along toward a lake - and saw another Marlix. I called out for help:


    The two that I'd killed, the nine that Simon had killed, and this one made twelve!

    Finally, Simon was done killing them with lightning.

    So story time aside: Marlixes will now duplicate and continue duplicating until they're all killed quickly. Good luck fighting them now... I haven't run into a Momentus yet and I don't want to! It took Simon's instant-death lightning to kill them all... and the duplicates are just as powerful - but they drop no tokens or drops.

    Why did it happen early? Well, it apparently this was accidentally released too early. Something with the timing of the code. I don't know exactly. I didn't really get a good explanation.







  2. MrSocks is getting revenge..?
  3. Thank goodness I didn't venture into the wild today. :p I die easily enough as it is! Nice prank, Aikar.
  4. So no drops?
  5. Cool.. Although i cannot believe this due to the date :D
  6. Easy: The Marlix is the Hydra in disguise.
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  7. You did see Simon's quote though, did you not? 12 spawned, and that's confirmed.
  8. I did get drops from what I presume to be the original Marlix - I believe the clones don't drop anything.
  9. Still could be a wind-up
  10. I was in the frontier for about an hour and a quarter, but I saw no Marlixes
  11. Oh the trouble with April 1st, no one believes you.

    At least one thing still stands: #simonwillfixit, and he did. Once again. Or so it seems. Or this could just be, as mentioned earlier, a scheme to take over EMC by force! :eek:
  12. If this were true, it would be a dream come true for me.
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  13. I can confirm we found a lot of Marlixes yesterday.
    Just don't know if it's a prank or not...