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  1. hi guyz i am from smp2 and I like to trollz.
    i am new here and have no house
  2. Trollz from under the bridge?
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  3. Hai. Welcome!
    Remember that trolling is not really advised here, and the punishment may be from a warning, to a temp ban depending on the staff.

    Anyways, I'm the potato guy.
  4. I thought this was a new player thread. I was about to say welcome, then I noticed you've been on for 717 days.
  5. I like melons. Nick5013 loves melons. **Never Troll**
  6. Welcome! One of our admins is a diehard bridge dweller like yourself, I'm sure you'll fit in just fine here.
  7. Jay2a i left for a loing tim because i wuz bored but now it better
  8. Oh well. Welcome back.
  9. *Straightens tie*
    Ok well then xD
    This was just me as a new member seeing how the community was, and you all seem very accepting :)
    I plan on being here a while :D
  10. Yay! new(ish kinda not really) Player!
  11. What admin is that?
  12. Welcome to the forums?
    Seems like the best thing to say.
    Anyways, trolling not really the best thing
    However, it's okay to "troll" (prank really) your irl friends if you have any here :p
    (well I mean, if you start a prank war hehhe)
  13. Can we be friends :D
  14. Yus :D
  15. The one which is a cow and likes TNT.
  16. *looks at nick5013 and his lack of warnings/temp bans*