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  1. A few of you probably already know who I am either through SMP5, 8, or Mrs_Fuzzlewuzzle. You can clearly see what my user is, so no need to say that. I prefer to go by Fluffe because FluffeMarshmallo can be a bit too much to type. I'm located on SMP8 and Utopia. I co-own a mall with Mrs_Fuzz, but it is still a work in progress (/v +FFMall). I love EMC and recently celebrated my 200th day (not very long, but I was proud of it). My gold supporter runs out pretty soon, but I'll have iron shortly thereafter, and eventually diamond.

    Some more things about me:
    I don't share any personal information with the Internet, so don't ask (I mean, it's pretty stupid if you do IMO)
    My favorite color is turquoise, in case you wanted to know that.
    I can make any kind of firework you can come up with.
    I have known Fuzzy IRL since 4th grade (I visited her over Labor Day weekend)
    I'll stand up for just about anyone if they are being put down.
    I am really interested in marine biology.
    I like British people and how they talk.
    I have multiple pets (sugar glider, hedgehog, 2 leopard geckos, a Salcuta tortoise, a painted water turtle, and a dog)
    I love to write.
    Incorrect grammar drives me crazy
    I'm slightly insane.
    A couple people here on EMC think I am a crazy, overly positive person, but uh, that's only partially true.
    I share all my rupees with Fuzz (it may sound stupid, but it works out for both of us. Keep in mind that I know her personally and it's not like she is a complete stranger)
    I have broken 4 bones, bruised a rib, sprained my knee, and had stitches in my forehead. (I'm kinda accident prone.)
    I really want to move to Canada, like in the middle of nowhere.
    And uh... That's about it really. So yep, that's me.
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  2. Sup. Welcome to EMC!
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  3. Thanks, I'm not sure when the last time I heard that was.
  4. Welcome to EMC!
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  5. Hi Fluffe. Welcome to the Empire. Unless you move to one of the major cities, anywhere else in Canada is in the middle of now where. ;) Enjoy your stay on this great server. :)
  6. Hola, good to see people staying for the long run =P
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  7. <snip!>

    Now why am I not surprised to read this? ;)

    Ha, ha, and mind you: I mean that in a very positive way, trust me :)

    Hi Fluff, welcome to your 200th day on EMC! :D

    ... or something. It's nice to hear that you're having fun so far, and I think it's awesome to play with people you know irl. That makes it even more fun IMO.

    Well, obviously it does matter what people think but there are also times when you should not worry about what others thing and simply do that which works the best for you. And I don't think it's stupid at all, if this works for you guys then by all means: go for it!

    That's the beauty of EMC (IMO): when Aikar says "Play your way" then this isn't a hollow marketing phrase to put EMC into a better spotlight but it's a good description of what we can do here. I've met quite a few players and had the pleasure to experience several different styles of playing, and somehow they all neatly roll into this one package called EMC.

    So yeah :)

    Nice meeting you, and I'll definitely try to visit the mall you co-own someday!
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  8. Thanks Peter! EMC is one of the only servers I play on. It is one of my favorites, and as soon as I joined, I loved it. I recommended it to Fuzz and my brothers (TheLivingSquid and MCNiffle098) to play on it too. Shortly after, my cousins joined and we had a lot of fun. Fuzz became supporter, bought me a couple vouchers, and now we own a mall together. Thanks again and I hope to see you sometime soon :D
  9. It's sad to see people leave so soon after joining :(
  10. Canada just seems like the place to live. Either there or Iceland... Hmm...