Hi - New to playing on any server. Couple of questions...

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  1. I wondered if there is place where the differences in this server and regular, vanilla minecraft are posted. For example, I can't breed animals at "home", and the seed drop rate seems significantly lower. Is this just something I learn as I go? Or are these differences listed somewhere? So far this seems like a beautiful world.
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  2. First of all Welcome to EMC! I think that you should be able to breed animals at your home, the seed drop rate i don't think has been lowered. We have a whole range of special mobs in the Waste and Wild which have different attributes that are non vanilla. On the Utopia server players in town can fly, there is some other things which aren't vanilla but i don't want to bore you with every single thing, however i will be happy to answer any more questions :)
  3. I'm not really the person to know any of the differences of the server but It is a beautiful server, nothing like any other and I hope you stay here!
  4. Hello! Welcome to EMC, I hope you have a wonderful stay with us.

    I'm not sure what you mean by being unable to breed - you can have a maximum of 100 animals on your in Town residence. If you have 100 animals it won't allow you to breed the animals, and if your particles are set to minimum in your game's Options, the heart particles won't appear above the animal's heads. But yes, animals should definitely be breedable in town.

    Seed drop rates are not lowered in Town at all. If you're needing seeds, keep in mind that Fortune yields more seeds from crops.

    Some things you should know though, is that the Wastelands reset periodically and are for gathering materials. The Frontier is for building permanent structures or farms. Town is a protected, grief-free plot world where you can build without worry of other players damaging your work (unless of course, you give them flags).

    Some differences from vanilla minecraft, however, involve-
    • Groups - the ability to make parties with other players and share xp either of you gain, and chat only with your group members.
    • Anti-Grief - The ability to protect your blocks in the frontier from being stolen with /buildmode.
    • Friends - you can do /addfriend (player's name) to send a friend request to players! Once they accept, they are on your friends list and you may toggle whether or not they can break your blocks protected in frontier (/f blockbreak (friend's name) (on/off). This also alerts you to when they connect to the server.
    • Utopia - You can access the utopian world with /utopia. Here, you can fly in town, and there is no fall damage in the frontier or wastelands. It is also never night on this world. Do note that only supporters that are Gold or Diamond rank can access Utopia's frontiers and wastelands, or own a plot.
    • XP - You can't get XP without doing most damage yourself to a mob (so afk xp grinders won't work).
    There are many other miscellaneous changes, but for the most part, these will be the most important ones you want to keep in mind. You may also want to keep these things in mind-

    • You can eggify animals by right clicking on them with a stick. In the frontier and wastelands, this costs 100r (/r to check your rupee balance). In Town, this is FREE.
    • Use /map if you're ever lost in the wastelands or frontier. This will easily guide you back to the protected spawns, and to where you can get to Town again.
    • EMC is extremely friendly, and 99% of the players here will gladly help you in a moment's notice. Don't be afraid to ask questions and for help!
    Hope that helps! If you have any questions feel free to talk to me, via PM or on this thread. Question: what SMP were you placed on?
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  5. Hi GrandmaMommy. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  6. Hey there! Welcome to the EMC family :) If you need anything please ask!
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  7. First of all: welcome to the Empire!

    Yes, we maintain a wiki page which lists all of these: Changes from vanilla Minecraft. In general, if you like to know more about the Empire then our wiki is a good place to start looking. But don't take this the wrong way: you're always free to ask of course :)

    Where would 'home' be? Your own residence? Because you should be able to breed them. However... There is a maximum amount of animals ("entities") which you can keep.

    Use /entc, this will show you the current amount of animals (and monsters outside town) around you and the current limits.

    Hope this helps!
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  8. Welcome to EMC GrandmaMommy! I hope you enjoy your stay :)