HI, I'm Q.

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  1. I'm not sure if I have done this yet, but hello, I am Qvantvm (Yes like quantum but with v's). I've been playing on EMC for a little over a year now. Those who I play with often call me Q, you can totally also call me Q.

    I play on SMP4 a lot but jump around to shops and sights I know on other servers. My 3 main reses are on SMP4 and I have one on utopia that i use for conceptual purposes. I also share this res with a few others to let them have creative access to flying.

    Some of the players I associate with frequently are Freeshia, Moonglum_, Ximph, Pitsch11, and SkareCboi. I've met a handful of others, and try to participate in community events when I am able. Working a day job in food service and also a night job as a musician and audio engineer eats up a lot of time, but it is time well spent. If you'd like to hear any of the music I make I'd be more than happy to show you.

    I like learning new things about the game as well as building conceptual and aesthetically oriented builds. I like to learn about redstone machines, farms, and spawners, though admittedly I am not as well versed as some. I like wasteland ventures and am part of a wilderness frontier community. You will probably catch me running around my res on SMP4 or out in the wastes.

    If anyone would like to see my projects or has any questions about anything at all please ask : )

    See ya around.

    EDIT: Oh, and if anyone makes youtube videos and wants all original music to use for them PM me!

  2. hello!
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  3. Late welcome to the Empire! :)
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  4. Welcome, Q, to the empire? (No that sounds so wrong ) Oh I know!

    Hi Q! And welcome to the empire!
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  5. Welcome!
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  6. Woop woop! late welcome to the Empire! :D double woop from coming from SMP4 :D all the weird conversations happen there so don't be shy jump in with us xD! You'll see me around SMP4 because I'm working on my mega mall with Lockdown32. If you would like to donate materials you will be rewards greatly! Hope you enjoy your (longer) stay :3
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  7. Yo Q, about time you introduced yourself. FYI people need to see how good you, Freeshia, Pitsch11, Ximph and Moonglum_ are exceptional at builds.
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  8. Welcome to the Empire Q, you have almost as much time here as I do. :p
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  9. Hi! :) I am interested in hearing some or your music.
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