Hi I'm from PlanetMinecraft and I would like to receive Op! (Discussion)

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  1. Tell me the funniest moment you had with a player who thinks a Admin/Op will grant them access to the entire server!

    Mine was: When SMP5 launched Justin, Me, and a few others were chillin' in SMP5, then a guy came and said "Hi I'm from planetminecraft and I would like to test some plugins may I receive Op status?" I started laughing and dying, but Justin knew how to troll so I let him talk. He said "Sure did you send us any email verifying your a PlanetMinecraft staff member?" and the person said "No, but may I receive Op status?" then Justin kept repeating the process until the guy raged quit :3.
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  2. These people really are stupid. I just find it amusing when this happens. :)
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  3. I love when people come in and think I'm a mod :p Its the best time for trolling
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  4. One new player was giving others a rough time and I asked him to be more courteous. He said 'are you an admin?' and, as I am not, I told him 'No'. He then said 'Then I don't give a -snip- what you think!'
    Ban reason: 'You should care about what everybody thinks. I am a moderator ;)'
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  5. Thats just awesome :) I usually troll the people first and then help them with whatever they needed :D

    A little while ago a new guy was being a total block in the chat so I told him to calm down and he replied why should I listen to you? You are not a moderator so you can't command me :D Then ISMOOCH kicked him with the reason "But I can" that was probably an awesome moment :)
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  6. LOOOL!! @ malacai
  7. I remember when a guy came onto the forums and made a thread asking for OP.
  8. lols
  9. I personally liked trolling smp5 with the "Diamond Block Gen"
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  10. One I remember was when my sister had a three-story treehouse. This kid flew from the ground and up all three flights to the top then back down asking me if he could live with me. I reported him to R0bbieJo and she was standing on the second floor roof. He flutters up and spins in circles asking her if she owns the house and can he live there. She bans him for two hours Reason: "Flying isn't allowed, lose the flying mod." He comes back after his two hours are up and comes over to my res and asks "Who kicked me earlier for flying?" iSmooch asks him "Why does it matter?" and that Robbie has screenshots of it. I added "I watched you go from the ground to the top of a tree house without climbing up, that's flying." He comes back with "I WAS USING JUMP HACK *four letter D word*" ISmooch hits the banhammer.

    Another was this kid being a total jerk and spamming chat, NurseKilljoy kicked him from Square and he started attacking Hayley about trying to get him banned and reported her for spam. He got kicked for another little bit. When he came back he then reported NurseKilljoy for "Kicking too much". She received the report and banned him for a few days. When he came back he tried to say it was for "something he built that looked wrong and he was reported."
  11. I was on SMP7 earlier. My sister Pink was using a laptop next to me. She was in town while I was in the wild. Suddenly I look over to see this guy moving faster than the speed of light around my sister. I momentarily steal borrow her laptop and ask the fellow (as her) in local chat: Are you using speed hacks?

    "No speed hacks." Then suddenly "Fly hacks!"

    He flies up, demonstrating for her his uber pwnage.

    I laugh manically while he just stands there after descending back to earth. *Banhammered, reason? Fly hacking!*
  12. Shoulda put "Not speed hacks, fly hacks! :D"
  13. But that's not what he said. He said "Not speed hacks" and then "Fly hacks!" in two different chat inputs.

    Do you want me to LIE to everyone about that!?
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  14. Months ago when i was Moderator on a server a troll came on our server an said like this: Hello, i'm from PlanetMinecraft. We heard this server has decent amount of players so we decided to Advertise it on our website, but before that i need OP to test if this server can handle some things ectect. So me and my old team talked together and decided to give him a FAKE rank as Admin. After we ranked him he tried to OP some friends, trying to use W/E and someother commands we had. We saw all this on console btw. The person got confused and asked us many times why he could not use the commands. We said to him he need to relogg and come back after 10mins. He came back again and once again tried to OP some friends. Well he tried alot of commands untill the owner came on and Ip banned him.
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  15. :D I'm Loving hearing all these stories

    - Thx Guys
  16. lol, I ban people for trying the Planet Minecraft crap =P but I should have some fun with them first.

    and when people ask me if im an admin I say no that im a supporter lol.
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  17. You could probably get away with the supporter thing. I remember one night someone asking if your name color meant Grass Supporter. Though my favorite is when a kid you banned for a bit asked how old you were because "Your picture makes you look 15."
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  18. Today we had a great time at SMP3 with crazy.
    We got people who started using caps, spamming and etc, obviously the community said "ban him" or "kick him" and we started to troll out of there, each time someone did something wrong everyone started to push crazy for a ban of a kick.
    Well the most important part was when a dude asked about how he could get op, and people just said 'talk with a senior staff or an admin' he asked who they where and people said names, crazy explained the colour tag info and etc etc...
    He logged of and came secconds after, he said 'JustinGuy the Administrator says you [crazy] need to op me' and we were just LOL'ing at him.
    Well, crazy banned him with this: *Banned for 4 days, reason: Did it work? :D* R.O.F.L.!
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  19. Darn, I have been missing out on the fun parts of being a moderator lately... :confused: Guess I need to be coming online all the time again... Just never have time. :oops:
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  20. Nono, just pay attention at town chat and you will lol each 10 mins.
    The lol's can change to 2lols/minute periodically, i'm not responsible for that.
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