Hi. I'm EmoryCrafts and I Came Back.

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I'm Emorycrafts, and I used to be one of the most known players on SMP7. Due to stress and work loads, I have paused on the gaming for a couple of months. When I came back today, I realized my SMP7 residence had been taken of dereliction. However, my Utopia residence is still there :)

    I was going to make the Utopia residence a Generator station, but now I have gone to Plan B. I'm going to start again with this residence, but I'm going to need the help of the generous and friendly EMC community I've always known. :)

    I don't want to be asking for donations or anything, but instead, maybe come over and help out with some building or mining. And of course, if you want to donate rupees or items, feel free too!

    I forgot: how to I do chest access and res perms commands again?

    Thanks so much!
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  2. Welcome back, been a while... You should totally restart on smp5! Right yanii? And other ppls
  3. hi what u want to work on ? i have a ton of birch planks if u want any
  4. Welcome back to Aikar Minecraft.
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  5. smp5 is a riot. Proceed with caution.
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  6. Shhh... Don't tell them *chucks flaming barrel at keliris*
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  7. First of all welcome back! Hope things will work out better for you. And lucky that your Utopian residence was still there, always nice to get a head start ;)

    Chest access is usually best done using an access sign, you can read more about their usage here.

    Residence permission commands basically boil down to one command: /res cset to set global permissions on your residence (so: (dis)allow everyone to do something), and /res cpset <player name>; this allows you to select the flags for an individual player. If you hover your mouse over a block of wool you'll also see what the flag does and what its current status is.

    See here for an overview of all the EMC commands.

    Hope this helps :)
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  8. Welcome Back EmoyCrafts! :D I remember you! :D
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  9. Thanks so much for the support everyone! :D
    Sure! I'll take them. Do you want any money for them?

    You can mail them to me if you'd like.
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  10. Hi EmoryCrafts. Welcome back. I do remember seeing you around the servers before. Have fun now that you returned. :)
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  11. Ah, yes, I remember you! You've been fairly active on the forums too, right?
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  12. Welcome back, I remember the name :)
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  13. Yup! Thanks so much guys!
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  14. Pfft. Join smp8.
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  15. Lol I want to join a regular SMP besides Utopia but I can only claim 1 residence because I lost my gold Supportership
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  16. NAA they free :D i will set a access chest at my res
  17. Thanks so much!
  18. I hereby announce that the one shall never leave his home server and will never get a res on different smps because smp5 is bae. The community is thriving, yes we keep a low status but it doesn't mean we aren't there. We have reliable mega malls and a couple handfuls of independent shops that thrive. Our forum army is small but definitely not non-existent and we have a few big/rich/popular players and here's a list of a few:
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  19. Oh yeah?

    ^^^All notable smp8ers
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