Hi I'm AJINDY and I have been a server member for about 3 years

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  1. I am VERY late on joining the forums but I am here now so hey and I hope anyone new to the server has a good time
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  2. Hey, I've know you pretty much since I joined. Cya around ^.^
  3. Oh no! Herobrine confirmed! :eek:

    Well, sorry to say buddy but Mojang is going to remove you as soon as we upgrade to 1.9, so enjoy your stay on the Empire while it lasts :D

    ok, ok, ok: just so we're clear.. I'm obviously joking. Not so much about Mojang commenting on removing Herobrine, but yeah, we know you're not Herobrine ;) (or do we?! :p).

    I'd welcome you to the server but it's a little late for that so: Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you're going to discover a whole new world out here. And remember: if you have 1 DC quantities of regular Minecraft items (or if you have individual promo's or enchanted items) then you can auction them off. That could earn you a good dose of money (or not), might be a good tip to look into? If you do please be sure to read the auction rules first.

    So yeah.. hope you're going to enjoy "the other side of EMC" :)
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  4. Welcome to the forums! See you in game :)
  5. Hi AJINDY. Nice to meet you and welcome to the forums. A fun great place to be. Have fun. :)
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  6. Hello, AJINDY. (Why does everyone cap his/her username? You are the 3rd one xD)
    Welcome to the forums.