Hi guys, Kinda late but wanted to make myself known:3

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  1. Hey Guys!
    My name is Katie. My minecraft name is GoldenEagle1350, dont ask why, just my random head thinking of random things:3
    The drawing is by AliceF3, if you want one go spam her profile asking for one:3
    She is my irl best friend so she's great:D Alice's drawing for meh.png
    Thanks guys!!:D
    P.S Happy now Alice? :p
  2. Yes, I am :p

    Everyone please make Katie feel welcome here! ^.^
    She's a nice gurl :3 Not to mention her obsession with cats
    So if you want to fan over cats, Katie's your girl :p
  3. Nice to meet you Katie! I hope you'll have a great time here :)
    Which smp did you join?
    Can you also draw like Alice?
    And... what is your favorite cat picture? :3
  4. Not to answer the question for her or anything, but she's obsessed with Muchkins ._.'

    They're basically cats with really little legs :p
  5. Thank you!
    I joined Smp4, along with alice,
    Unfortunately, no, i dont even draw stickmen right hahaha,
    And my favourite cat picture is definately this one: l-A-Munchkin-cat.jpg
  6. We used the same photo!!!
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  7. Well that's weird o.o
    We even think the same on the internet...
    How cool is that?! :p
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  8. i like cats too! (but im alergic to cat hair D=)
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  9. We are so in sync;3
  10. Aw that sucks :c
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  12. yeah im getting medicine to make me unalergic (probably unalergic wasn't the right useage but who cares?)
  13. It's fine, I make words up to :D
  14. Ah you funny lifeform:3 I'll kill you last:3 I mean... Whaaaa?
  15. Welcome :3!
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  16. It's so cuuuuute. ^_^
    Are you building something specific on smp4?
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  17. Hi, and welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay :D.
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  18. Why didn't the poison in the Pot of Joy work?!
    I mean, what? :confused:
  19. Why thank you:3
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  20. Uhm, well Alice built my thingy for me when I was offline because I gave her the build flag, I think its a kind of home, Im not sure, ask her ;p