Hi Everyone!

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  1. Hi there! You'll definitely enjoy the server as there's many things to do, so welcome :)

    In addition to building on your Town plot there's the expansive Wild that you can explore on each smp. Sometimes it's fun going around giant Victorian mansions (/wild c on smp2) or massive public farm terminals on smp3 or smp8.

    The economy is a large factor of the server, so you can try visiting shops and malls around the smp's to find items you want! Here's a few that have good prices (+aquarium utopia, +missz smp3, +wither smp6, +katy smp8), but a full list is here:

    To earn rupees, you can sell items at shops (do /tpreview and right click a chest to see if there's space), or just vote regularly using the voting link. It just takes a few minutes each day, and that alone should be enough to support you in building endeavors.

    Make sure to do /promo and shift-click what's there to collect special promotional items! These are the server valuables, and you can keep or sell them as you wish.

    Whenever you have a question, just ask! Large majority of the players are adults so you'll usually get a proper answer fast.
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  2. Heya puppylover! Welcome to EMC. :D
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  3. Welcome to the Empire, its great you are enjoying it. :)
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  4. Welcome to emc! If you're having issues just let me know and i will be in touch!
    Anyways, here's my introduction thread
    Happy stay in emc!
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  5. Welcome to the crazy zone
  6. Welcome to Emc puppylover1678.
  7. I'm glad you're here! :D