Hi all im new

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  1. Hi everyone just started playing minecraft and hope to catch on soon and meet some friends,Well im an older guy 37 from south dakota,and enjoy playing games and having a good time. Also i am on the smp1 server
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  2. Welcome to MC and EMC. Glad to have you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and hope you enjoy your time with us! :D
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  3. Welcome to the Empire ArRaZoRbAck hope you enjoy it here. :D
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  4. welcome to the EMC family, btw whats your favorite animal?
  5. Thanks for the welcome all,and Michael i would say my fav animal is the spotted walrus lol :)
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  6. xD certainly i new one, do u have any pets?
  7. lol well no i don't have any pets really, i could use a few just to busy.
  8. Welcome to EMC! May your stay here be long and prosperous. Just a few warnings.... This place is very addictive; The teenagers are everywhere; and Watch out for Aikar, he's trying to ruin the economy :p
    P.S. Don't worry about the pet situation, on EMC you can always get a pet chicken :D
  9. Welcome to the Empire fellow SMP1'er :)

    If you are unsure about some things feel free to ask, I will answer them if I can or somebody else will we have a great community here.

    PS. Just don't come with plugin ideas or else people will hate on you :)
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  10. Welcome, Warning 'bout EMC
    Don't... Drop... The... SOAP!
  11. Unwanted joke.....
    :D oo those people haha and *thumbs up lol
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  12. Welcome to EMC!
    But smp2 is where its at!!!
  13. Welcome to the empire! However, happy builder is correct. Smp2 for the win!
  14. i am always right :p
  15. Welcome. These will be the two best tips you will Ever receive:
    1) never buy anything from the empire shop.
    2) Aikar is the economy breaker. Everything is his fault.
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  16. Welcome to the Empire!
  17. Welcome to EMC, where the server trolls you! I am Mrlegitislegit, the most legit person here, and EMC's resident TF2 addict.
  18. Welcome!
    BE WARNED: don't mistreat the budder
  19. Smp1 FTW!!
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  20. Welcome! In my opinion, all servers are awesome! I live on five, but hop on all to say hello :)
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