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  1. Nice to meet ya:D my name is kait!
    I'm new to the empire and to minecraft in general, my brother asked me to join and it's been fun so far!
    I'am still terrified of the wild and I have a tendency to scream and run away from mobs:D
    I have not been able to rid myself of newbish habit's (I'm terrible lol) so please don't make fun of me if you see me running for my life on any server:D
    and I hope I eventually get to meet most of the members on here cause y'all seem so cool:)
  2. Nice to meet you as well, I love to help new people, and tend to float from servers, 3, 5, 7, and 8. If you have any questions, or require help with something, feel free to ask me. ^_^
    <- My name is over here. =P
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  3. Don't fall for her trap, come to one of the real servers; 1, 2, 4, 6 or 9.
  4. Sir, I would like to believe that they're all real. :D:p
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  5. Its all a lie.
  6. What about the cake?
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  7. No the cake has been proven real.
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  8. Off topic: can we log into EMC servers now?

    On topic: Dont talk bad about the cake....
  9. What about reality TV?
    Yes, you just have to try like 50 times.. It'll work eventually.
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  10. Depends on the country its in.
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  11. Congrats on joining! That remonds me of me, when i first joined i became gold instantly. Than diamond.
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  12. Ah i remember when i jouned, only smp1 and smp 2 existed.
  13. When I joined, smp1 didn't even exist.
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  14. lol my brother gave me gold status:D he spoils me<3 and I am on server 9:D it's where my first claimed res is<3
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  15. it's so pink O.0 and it rhymes. it makes me want to click!
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  16. Welcome to the Empire! I am also on server 9, so maybe we will see each other
  17. Since when?
  18. I'll keep an eye out:D
  19. Welcome :) i live on smp9 as well i got there 3 residences :p
  20. really all on smp9??? i'll keep an eye out for you while I'm running around:D I f i see you I'll make sure to say hi:)