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Should I make it into a shop? If so what type of shop?

Yes 9 vote(s) 45.0%
No 2 vote(s) 10.0%
Enchantment Shop 9 vote(s) 45.0%
Food Shop 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Block Shop 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Mod Drop Shop 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Resource Shop 7 vote(s) 35.0%
Other 6 vote(s) 30.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi peoples! Today I come to the EMC community to ask for advice and suggestions! I am currently designing what my SMP 1 residence will become. I already have a bit layed down and I am happy with what I have, and am currently building more. However, I am always open to suggestions! Like what should I put in the 4 open corners of the res? And what I should do with it once I am done. Make a shop maybe? Please don't comment on the stone wall surrounding the whole thing please. That was to mark the size of the residence. Here are some screenshots of what I have done!

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  2. Make it a library of economics.
    Copy and paste entire classical works relating to economics into Written Books over several volumes and store them in chests. Lend them out to people for a fee.
  3. I would say enchants. Making it on smp5 would be best because of MA but smp1 works too.
  4. Mod Drop shop!? If there's pre-ordering, I'd like two Aikars, one Margaritte, three JustinGuys, and six Maxarias mods. (If Staff counts as a mod, could you include the Aikars and the JustinGuys, and the Maxariases? I don't know if you cover them.)
  5. imgur not public :/
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  6. I meant Mob drop xD.
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  7. How do I make it public?[/quote]

    Just copy the BBCode, and paste it onto the post in a spoiler or something. Should be pretty simple :)
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  8. Economics are not my strong point. But military history is, especially when it comes to the Ancient Greeks. May need to make a small library for that!
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  9. Enchantments are too cheap right now. I say standard block shop. Everyone needs their netherbrick, glass, sandstone, stonebrick, etc.
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  10. I don't think that netherbrick will stay for long. Once the update comes out people will have it for days and days.
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  11. talking about netherbrick, i have an auction of it going on: ) check my profile page
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  12. Do enchantments, I have trouble finding someone who sells them.
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  13. Picture link updated. Any thoughts or comments on the build?
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  14. rare item shop?
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  15. Erosego
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  16. I was tempted to say that myself WeirdManaico
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  17. ninja'd :p
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  18. The thing to be considered before doing a shop is that it takes lots and lots of work, time and effort to keep it running. You will always need to keep it stocked so people like it. Hiring people helping you with supplies, making good deals, dealing with those who break the contract, doing good prizes, arguing about those with others, advertising your shop in a professional way and keep telling people where they find the most obvious shop-chest might be part of your new minecraft life. Some more experienced shop owner might add or alter some if this to be more accurate but I believe that pretty much describes it IF AND ONLY IF you are trying to get a popular shop, which future is not likely to be a zombies life.

    In case that shop idea isnt any good for you, you should first answer the following question. For whom is that res of yours. Is it for yourself like a base, where friends with it and sometimes some others might take a look. Or is it supposed to draw attention of many people, who come and walk all over it?

    Obviously the answer opens up a variety of options for you. If the res is for yoursefl (which doesnt really seems to be the case) you know best what to do. If not so you need to find something people will go for. Imagine someone else has that exact same res as you plan it and think about would you go there? How would you know of it? Would you tell your friends to take a look? Would you come a second and third time? If you have a positive answer to all these questions you have a genius idea ^^ If you have a positive answer to some it will be alright. But most projects disregard those questions completly and it mostly turns out even the owner of those "great" reses even think of it beeing boring, but as they put all that work into it they expect every one to go crazy about it.

    For example hotels.An average hotel is pretty much a zombie. There is no natural reason to get a hotel room for the most of us. This doesnt mean hotels are generally a bad idea. But without something going on there its just not really that fancy. Casinos can be pretty fun... only if you run it though ... also people dont just happen to appear at your res whenever they log in on your server. It takes advertising to make people aware your res exists.

    For ideas you will have to think yourself from here on. I have given you most of the requirements you need to be successful. If you are really interested in providing the community a res what draws everybody to it and if you are ready to work hard to provide all the nessecary administration, then you will be also pumped up to think about an idea for your res an hour or two ;)
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  19. Thank you for that information Hasorko! I will definitely keep in mind the questions you have presented.