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  1. Hello all!

    I'm 31 and have been an on-and-off casual MC player for a bit over a decade now, almost exclusively on one server. That server was shut down yesterday, and several months ago I heard about EMC from someone I know in real life from my previous job (absolutely no idea what their in-game name is or if they still play - it was our one and only conversation). I hopped on and gave it a shot, and really enjoyed the "play it your way" aspect of things. I've decided to make EMC my new home and I'm excited to dive in!

    I'm a charismatic and funny person (especially over voice chat, dry humor is rough over text) and I'm a people-person at heart. That said, I am also extremely shy and an infamous overthinker among my friends. If you see me online, I'm almost always happy to chat or go on an adventure. You'll just rarely see me initiating such things until I've got a feel for folks and build up some confidence, and even then I can be a bit quiet as I'm hyper-conscious about injecting myself into situations or asking someone for their time, even if I'm often hoping they'll ask me for mine!

    I am not a super intricate builder. I've always enjoyed the "cabin in the woods" survival feel of MC. I liked building *extremely* simple redstone contraptions in survival mode on PvP servers in the past (IE secret doors/opening walls to hide my high quality loot, etc). Sometimes I will invest time into a big build, but I really like small houses with cozy interiors (have a lot to learn on the deco end of things).

    IRL I enjoy low-fantasy SciFi books, gardening, soccer, and all things computing. I've been a competitive Smash Bros player since I was around thirteen years old, starting with Melee, though it was 64 that got me interested. I main Roy (hence my name and skin) and Samus, and sometimes Terry. I also really enjoy writing, which is why too many of my forum posts will be short novellas, similar to this one. :)

    My career revolves around server administration, mostly Linux. I will not pretend to be an expert by any means, though. I mostly stuck to the workload and have only recently started branching out more for "fun" on my own projects.

    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the warm welcomes! Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my time playing and I'm already extremely impressed with how wholesome and knowledgeable the community is. Really looking forward to my time here.

    See you all around!
    - Roy
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  2. Welcome to EMC, Roy! I'm glad that you found our server. :)

    I host a couple of events every weekend. If you're able to make it, it's a great opportunity to make new friends! We usually have a voice chat group in Discord during the events as well.

    Let me know if you need anything! See you around. :D
  3. Thanks tons, looking forward to all of it! :)
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  4. Welcome to the Empire, Roy! What a great introduction. :D
    I'm hoping to see you around on the forums! It's my place of residence. ;)
    I'm sorry that the server you had been acquainted with for so long shut down, I hope that you will find a new home in EMC. :)
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  5. Welcome to emc! I'm excited to see new peeps as well!
    Nice to meet you, I'm w1ther, a friendly peeps ones!
    So, if you need something just let me know and i will be in touch
    My Introduction if you would like to look
    P/s: You did a great introduction and it's very great!
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  6. Wow! So much of this sounds like me..... Welcome to the Empire! Hope you really enjoy your time here, and that EMC becomes your new home server. :)
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  7. Thank you all so much for offering help and affirming my intro! Immediately after I posted it I was thinking "ohnonono why did i type so much" lol. Looking forward to meeting you all in the near future. :) Peace!
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