HEY You! Change your EMC Site up a little bit using this helpful tip!

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  1. Hey guys! Now, I know some of you already know how to do this, but for the people who don't know this thread is for them.
    Did you know you could change your EMC Site's color? What do I mean by this? Here, I'll show you.
    Step One.png
    This is my "Preference" for the EMC Site Color BG. You can change yours by navigating to your account name at the top right of the website and if you go down you'll see Preferences.
    After that, you will see the first thing you can see are the Color BG for the EMC Site I was talking about. Now you can change it according to the options available!
    Step Two.PNG

    Here are all the options for the colors, right now mine is Dark-Red.
    Step Three.png
    So if the Dark-Orange Default is getting a bit boring, or your normal color is, try switching it up with a different color!

    Thanks for reading this guide! If it helped you, please tell other people who don't know about it!
    That's all for now!
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  2. Dark blue is the best :)

    Isn't there a forum spot for guides somewhere?
  3. Yeah but it's a sub-forum, and you have to get it moved there :3 or it's just restricted, as I tried to post it there first :p
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  4. Oh derp I forgot to also put a poll on voting for your favorite style! Oops... :3
  5. Dark-purple is da bomb. =3
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  6. Dark-Blue For The Win :D
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  7. I'll be sure to try it out!
  8. You're still pretty much forced to use one of the dark themes, as people choose text colors and such with the assumption of a dark background. I tried using one of the non-dark themes once, it's a nightmare. :p
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  9. I find all the other theme other than default to be a bit, weird. Like, they always seem to hurt your eyes and... yeah I just like default.
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  10. Mine Purple XD. I got bored one day and I started clicking links and I found it :)
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  11. Lol mine has always been at dark blue style
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  12. Dark Blue FTW!
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  13. I always want to change it, but I've gotten far too accustomed to the dark orange style, and it just looks weird without it...
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  14. I had problems with that too ;-;
  15. I love orange, so Dark-Orange FTW! :)
  16. Me too. :p
  17. Dark blue ftw \m/
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  18. I've used green and black for a long time. Pretty cool.
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  19. I switched to Dark-Blue yesterday, but for a while before I switched from Dark-Red I was on Dark-Green as well
  20. Ugh... DONT GO GREEN
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