Hey, so, I'm streaming.

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  1. In Amorphous +, you play as a bald-headed fellow in blue, who slashes blobs with various abilities (slowing you, hunting you, dissolving you, etc.) with a giant sword, in an effort to survive. In my stream, I'll be going for the high scores on Kongregate, specifically on a Normal Slow Bounty Run.

    You can watch here: https://www.twitch.tv/therealslimscomo
    And play Amorphous + yourself here, I'd love if we could all play together, compete on scores, and see who can score the highest!: http://www.kongregate.com/games/innocuousGames/amorphous

    I'm doing this because Amorphous + is a cool ass game, but is 8 years old, and the developer never made a sequel, and no other developer picked up the idea of a sequel, even though the idea is genius. I'm hoping that if we all spread about my stream, get people to play along, and maybe get other people streaming, we can show there is a demand for the game, and maybe we'll find a dev somewhere who will get something up on Steam. I know I'd pay for an Amorphous + sequel.

    I'm starting in a few minutes, once there is evidence from this thread that people actually will be watching, haha. Say hi in the chat room when you're watching!
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  2. Hey, so I'm watching! Only for a bit, though, as I need to head to bed sometime soon.
  3. Ok cool!