Hey nice server!

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  1. Hey I am xisec and I logged yesterday for first time with my girlfriend. We are from Spain.

    I have to say that the "meta" of this game is very nice, the key for a good server is on a good configuration of this type of details: how will be the economy? tpa allowed? home? fly allowed? what about the pve and pvp? I'm really looking forward the claims, they are essential :rolleyes:.

    I am still exploring the server, but thinking on support.

    See you on server2 survival ;)
  2. Woot! SMP2 for the win!

    Welcome to Empire Minecraft xisec, and extend that welcome to your girlfriend as well. We hope you like it here as much as we do =)
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  3. how will be the economy? We have a good economy. You can sell to shops you can make your own, etc. I think in general the prices of most items are excellent and not over priced. (Promo items are a different story :p)

    tpa allowed? This means TPing to a specific person? There isn't anything like that. Instead we use residence numbers or 'tags'. For example your residence, for you to get there from anywhere in town, you would type /home. For others they can either type /v xisec or /v 'res number'.

    fly allowed? We have a supporters server (/utopia) where flying is allowed in town. Helps a ton when building. ust sucks getting used to it, then going to a different smp and forgetting you can't fly there :p

    what about the pve and pvp? PVP in only allowed on smp6 at /v pvp (I think thats the address)

    Other then that welcome and enjoy your stay :)
  4. Welcome to empire! If ya need any help you can send me a message on the forums. Hope you enjoy the wild!
  5. Welcome to the empire hope you have fun.
  6. Welcome to EMC, if you need anything let us know!!! (awesome response Kloned). :)
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  7. Hmmm how shall I annouce myself...

    Hi! I am FoxyRavenger! As you may tell, I am Foxy from a game called Five Nights at Freddie's. I have been here for almost 4.5 years, almost as old as the server. If you need any other questions answered, you can find me in game (/p FoxyRavenger) or you can pm me here of forums.

    If I am not available, there are plenty of others who can awenser your questions :)

    As I say to many new members. I hope you stay longer than five nights ;)
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  8. Where's the picture...:eek:

    Welcome xisec! Hope you'll have a wonderful time here, and hope to see you at the arenas at /pvp, i'm there a lot.
    Not good though, so you'll probably take me.;)
    If you can't find me on smp6 /pvp, you can find me on /smp1:)
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  9. I am on mobile lol sorry
  10. Baaaa

  11. I'd be lying if said that I'm not disappointed...;)
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  12. Be nice or no skin hehe
  13. Welcome! Smp5 is bae
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  15. Beware of smp8.
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  16. Welcome to EMC!!! :D
  17. Hi xisec. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  18. Well played...:D
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  19. Hey! Welcome to EMC!
    Enjoy you're stay and ask any questions you have either in game or on the forums, my home is smp7 but I sometimes play other smps too. Don't be afraid to talk and hope you have fun! P.S EMC is the best server :)
  20. Welcome to the empire :)