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  1. Hey guys !
    I'm new on the EMC server and I already think it's a good one. But I'm not here to talk about the server, but about me. So let's begin.

    I'm a 14 year old french guy (I'm not perfect in english) that likes alot to play minecraft survival (usually modded) and minecraft maps. What I like the most in minecraft is to create amusement parks and minigames. But playing alone and playing alone isn't that cool, so here I am ! I usually create giant parkours (slimeblocks, quad-jumps, momentum ice jumps, etc... (My biggest was deleted caused of inactivity on another server) I can create parkours of 1000 blocks x 1000 blocks from 0 to 256), some labyrinths are sometimes included, and roller coasters. But don't think it's taking me a month ! It's taking me like 3-4 months for a parkour of 200long by 200large by 40high ! For the minigames now, I like creating shooting minigames, pvp ones, and other cool stuff. I'm really not a good builder, but I can do redstone (useful for minigames hehe). I'm a good manager, I was the 3rd best town for a moment on a french towny server. (space, time, players, etc...)
    I sure can repeat that.

    So that's me and I hope to see you In Game !


    PS: (server mention/ad removed) I have school too. ;(
    PS2: If you want my help for anything, I'm always ready...
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  2. Welcome to EMC! I look forward to seeing what types of labyrinths you can build :)
  3. Bienvenue sur EMC, smp4 reigne.
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  4. If I can find a spot where I can build it ;D
  5. Bienvenue à EMC je l'espère tu aimes.
  6. Welcome to the Empire :D
  7. Hi minecraftlouis. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  8. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :)
    And, I'ave also build some parcours, so I hope I can learn something from you :) (My parcours are all build on 5408 at utopia (you can go there with /utopia; /v 5408))

    Some tips for the Forums:
    • Read the wiki: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/index/ ;
    • DC means "double chest", that's 3456 items with 64-stackeble items;
    • And K means thousend ruppees, so 10K is 10.000 rupees (or 10,000 rupees in the VS).
  9. Is the utopia supposed to be supporters only or something like that ?
  10. Only Gold and Diamond supporters can claim 1 lot there (but anyone can visit)
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  11. thats cool then ;D
  12. I've checked it out... the climbing one... And I haven't seen any checkpoints... Do you checpoints ?
  13. That sounds really cool, I'll be looking forward to checking out some of your works!

    Don't worry too much about your English skills: there's a big chance you'll learn a lot from here!
    I'm Dutch, and when I came here 3 years ago, I could understand everyone, but I occasionally had trouble with making myself understandable, and made quite some grammar mistakes.
    Through reading and writing on the forums and in-game, though, I definitely learnt a whole lot!
    Do you learn English at school or did you get the knowledge you have already achieved from other places? (I think the first time I really started learning to read English was playing a Zelda game)

    Anyway: have fun!
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  14. Welcome to EMC, If your interested in building mini-games and parkour etc. Find me in-game or PM me on the Forums. I think you're a good guy that could fit into my new project(s). I would appreciate meeting you.
  15. I'm learing french, english and spanish at school... But I've learned more IG than in school ;D (though on spanish servers its hardcore xD)
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