Hey, I'm SheIsNice! [+AMA]

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  1. Hello,

    I'm SheIsNice, I've been playing EMC for over a year but have just started using the forums.

    I'm also doing an AMA (ask me anything) so ask away!

    Nice to meet you all :)
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  2. Overdue welcome :)
  3. Yay for new people on the forums! :D
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  4. I so want to say something right now, but I can't >.>

    Do you like Lady GaGa? :p
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  5. Thanks :)


    I love her music but she's not my favourite (at the moment). My favourite (if anyone cares) is Sia.
  6. More Questions:
    Do you play any other games other than minecraft?
    If so What games?
    and if you have a console (xbox/ps4/WII)
  7. 1) Nope...
    2) N/A
    3) I have a PS4 (and PS3 #Sony4Lyfe)
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  8. Welcome to the forums :)
  9. Do you listen to Milky Chance?
  10. Thank you.

    Who? xD
  11. What about a PS2? ;_;
  12. So we have a Sony Diehard fan eh? I see... (I am diehard Xbox fan XD)
    none the less welcome to the wonderful world of EMC forums and stuff like things!
  13. Oh I LOVED that console (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts FTW!)
  14. Not really my type of music :p

    I have one (and a PS1) but only play PS3 & PS4

    I forgive you... :p
  15. I only really used it for Star Wars Battlefront II, Hitman: Blood Money (I think it was Blood Money 0-e), The Simpsons: Hit and Run, Kingdom Hearts, Rayman and the Ape Escape series :p
  16. The Simpsons: Hit and Run and The Simpsons: Road Rage, both amazing games.
  17. Now see I Still play battle front 2 but on my xbox multiplayer :)
  18. You are decent :)
  19. Sony all the way :p
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