Hey! I'm not new.. :P

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  1. Hey Emc! Before you all ask, "What? You aren't new!" I have decided to make an intro since my first one wasn't really official.

    So about me,
    I am a guy entering high school next school year. I like biking, skiing, writing (except formal/informative essays, those are just boring. -_-), karate, playing the piano, and playing minecraft. I also like to code using basic programs. I used to have my friend's alt ShaneKas and those were good times, until it went poof. So, 516 days late isn't that bad. ;) I'm okay at building in minecraft, some say I'm amazing. You usually see me on smp8/smp3, but I'm on smp5 for some special reasons for the next few months. I'm a pretty friendly person and I like using these :p faces after I chat. Its a really weird habit. In real life, I'm really shy, sometimes people think I'm rude because of it. :( Also, I have a little brother and he sometimes plays minecraft, but not emc. He says its too boring. I like emc because of the no pvp and shop system. I am usually lazy to get materials, so I buy it from shops. I like building rather than mining.
    Now, for random things.
    My favorite color-Lime Yellow
    My favorite mob-Skeleton *gasp*
    My favorite food-Noodles, any type, but without mushrooms or anything unusual. :p

    FOXY- If you post your thing here, I will hunt you down... >=( lol
  2. Welcome to EMC! :)
  3. Lol welcome to EMC friend.

    Avoid all the spiders and surely you'll find a skeleton!
  4. Welcome to EMC! If after all your time here, you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me a pm.
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  5. Actually I used to shoot you dozens of pms, but I stopped because I know you are busy. ;)
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  6. If you need help or clarification, still pm me. I'm not too busy to help =P
  7. Yes you are you still havnt got back to me about those dates >_>
  8. That's because moose is planning a shooting trip. If you just needed me, that would be a dif story. Blame him =P
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  9. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :)

    I think that means I have to post it ;)

    Keep learing untill you can play "la campanella" after that, you should think: "whait, did I have a life?"
    annyway, I do always like it when I see that someone else is playing piano, since I'm playing piano for tree years now :)
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  10. To get a res type /v open /res claim :)
  11. Thanks mate lol
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  12. You two are both dead to me ;) And I've been playing piano for more than 3 years now. :)
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  13. Hi EnderMagic. Great to met you. :)
  14. hello bud and welcome!
  15. You had me a Piano
  16. Do you have a channel where I can listen to your songs?

  17. Just a little something I made on Photoshop... Alright alright, I was bored ok? By the way, nice seeing someone "new" to our server.
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  18. man I thought u were like in collage!! lol on me :p well u know smp2 is the best! ;) ;) we have poof and ShelL ya know!
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  19. I love it
  20. Jelle68, I've been playing for 3 years and I can't play Anything by Lizst. Besides Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 for 30 seconds. I also want to learn
    Études d'exécution transcendante d'après Paganini no. 4