Hey I would like to know im buying a new .243 rifle and i would like to hear ya'lls fav brand of gun

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  1. im just wondering because i would like to get a good gun but a cheap one to and i wont ya'll to help me decide.
  2. What update were these added to minecraft?
  3. If you are looking for gun advice, this is probably not the best place to find it. Especially if you want numerous opinions.
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  4. 13w29a
  5. Well, this is actually in the wrong section of the forums. :p This should be in Miscellaneous, I would think. ;) As for a new gun: I must say that I strongly prefer those Nerf guns. Water guns are quite lethal as well, friend. :)
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  6. Moved thread to misc section.

    There are lots of forums out there for hunting / shooting, but if you've got questions ask away.

    The main questions I'd ask if you wanted an recommendation are:
    What is the purpose of the rifle?
    What range do you expect to be shooting at?
    What's your price range (including or not including scope)?
  7. .22 are fun and cheap. .223 are the most popular. I have an old Mosin Nagant. Ammo for it is really cheap as far as big rounds go. 7.62 x 54r. I guess its all about what you want to do with it.
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  8. Not to steer off course but have you put rails on your Mosin Nagant yet? I ended up getting one recently (traded in flip up sights for it - how can you beat a 125$ gun) and have been looking at the options to setup a scope. I do find it hillarious that the iron sights go out to 2000m.
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  9. Remington makes some fairly cheap, but reliable, rifles. I'd suggest looking into them if you're wanting a .243 on the cheaper end of the spectrum. My personal favorite brand is Browning but the prices tend to go up a bit more with them. I currently have a Browning X-bolt(.243) that I love to death!
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  10. I like using the Sentry Mechanical Firing Device

    I don't have any REAL guns, so I don't know.
  11. I own a .22 and a 12 guage shotgun ( dosnt go with subject ) but a .22 is a cheap and good gun to go with.. :D :D
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  12. I haven't done much with it. Online reviews are if'y on most products I find. Can you recomend products or a web sight?

    I was reluctant to shoot it until I found out how cheap the ammo was. I recently bought 880 rounds for $180. Thats the best deal I could find.

    Did you know that you should first clean and swab the barrel with windex? Then clean as normal.
    This gun dates back to 1891. Has been used in many wars including ww1 and ww2.

    When I bought mine 5 years ago it was $100 and came with 300 rounds. I should have bought more.
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  13. This was probably a bad idea to ask for advice here...
  14. Of all the guns I own, the .22 is my favorite. It is cheap, reliable, cheap to accessorize, and by far the most practical for my purposes.

    As a treat to myself for doing some extra work I ordered this from red jacket. I should get it in November. Fits my Ruger 10/22. With out the silencer of course. Red_Jacket_ZK22__4f9206156be23.jpg
  15. I haven't decided on one yet. I've seen several different sites that offer rails, but none of them look very beefy. I'm pretty sure a bump to any of these and the sights would go way off.

    I did the windex clean the first time to help get all the cosmoline out of it. I just go ahead and buy the 12.99 a box Brown Bear ammo that's non corrosive, so I don't have to worry about it anymore. If you're using the cheap rounds, they are acidic, so yeah, keep windex'ing it.

    Best price I've found for bulk ammo is: - but like I said, I haven't used it.

    There is a noticeable different in accuracy between the 180 grain bullets and the 147 grain bullets

    I'm guessing by the thread title he is decided on a .243 - if not - open the floodgates for round favorites!
  16. Sorry to be mean but:
    So how are you helping him by saying you can't help him?
    Was that post necessary?
  17. I prefer the Glock and S&W lines myself.

    I am not huge into rifles but if you want something powerful and really popular the AR-15 has brought out all the collectors with a military fetish. :)

    I prefer a handgun for personal protection but a shotgun will definitely get the job done if you are that terrible of a shot. ;)

    For rifles, my brother suggests the Remington or Browning line.

    You will have much better luck looking around sport shooting forums or even the NRA sites for all your needs. The gun nuts don't tend to hang out here on EMC. :)
    Even a site dedicated to FPS games that utilize realistic weaponry would yield a better response. ;)
  18. Now that's probably the best plinking gun out there!
    Tons of accessories, your choice of wood or composite, cheap ammo. Good all around gun to go have fun with, while not breaking the bank.
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  19. Only three guns I actually own are M1903 Springfield with a sniper stock,
    And Winchester 12 gauge shotgun she turned 100 this year :) and Remington 20 gauge shotgun.
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  20. Lethal? Yes they are, as is the....