Hey Hi, A reintroduction.

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  1. So basically I've been here a while and would like to clear some stuff up. When I first joined EMC I lied. A whole bunch. I lied about my age, where I was from, Who I was friends with, How I was. But now I'd love to just clear some stuff up.

    Hello! My name is Makayla. I go by Kayla now a days :) I used to go by Jade, as it is my middle name. I used this name because I hated who I was and didn't want to be known as Makayla. The name just reminded me of who I used to be. But with the name change I've felt more myself. I am Makayla and I always will be, going by a different name changes nothing for me. I am not my past and my mistakes do not define me, the mistakes I made under Makayla vs Jade means nothing. I am the same person :)
    As for my age. I was born June 12th 1998, this makes me 15 years old. My birthday is next month and I will be able to get my license then :) I lied about my age because I didn't want people to find me immature or not enough for them. I've always had issues with how I didn't think I acted my age. I also lied about my relationship a lot. I wanted people to think I was good enough for other people. I wanted them to want me. I am now currently in a relationship and couldn't be happier :)
    A lot of people tend to ask me about my alt accounts. I have 11 accounts. 3 of them were accounts I pretended weren't me just so I could act myself again. As Jcplugs i always acted as who people wanted me to be. In reality I'm a very sensitive person, I'm not the sassy person everyone seems to think I am. I'm not loud and friendly really. I'm very quiet and reserved. I do not like being the center of attention, I'd rather just be in the back listening.
    I have bad anxiety and depression, it's hard to manage day by day without having a relapse. I always am trying to find new ways to cope with my anxiety and depression so if you ever need to ask me how to deal with things you're more then welcome too :)
    And lastly! A public apology. I'm sorry if I've ever lied to anyone but anything or if I ever betrayed someones trust. I'm sorry if I ever offended you or made you hate me.
    I'm also sorry for my current absence. I've been busy with school work and such. I've been turning my life around and becoming more content with myself and my life.

    And to ruin my mystery here is my list of alternative accounts :)
    Jcplugs,Jcpugs,Altplox,Lulnope, Alexchance4, Jadechancem8, Tempestpuppy, tempestkitten, J_A_D_E_1_6,ProfessorPapaya, And catAuctions :)

    Thanks for always being there for me EMC!
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  2. The oldest mystery in the universe has now been solved.

    Cannot wait to see the new and improved jcplugs! Excuse me, I meant Kayla
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  3. You. You are J_A_D_E_1_6. Wut.

    :D HEY!
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  4. Hey Makayla :)

    I'm happy you made this thread, it's shows great character. I look forward to meeting the new and improved Jcplugs.
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  5. Yup! That's me :)
    Thanks dude! Same me, Just myself now :)
  6. Hey hey, glad to see you back and active :D
  7. JC! I C U NOW! Geddit.... c, see... jcplugs... heh....
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  8. I'm going to try to play more :) I've been busy with school.
    HA. I get it now
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  9. Same, Finals and such.
  10. As another sufferer of depression and severe anxiety, I know the feels. You'll get through it hun <3

    Nice intro Kayla.
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  11. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this. I think by doing this, you have truly opened up a new door into the community, and that is a spectacular thing. I look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome. :)
    yeah :) recently I've been taking my ESA places and that helps my anxiety a lot :)
    my pleasure! Thanks for the welcome :)
  13. i liked fake jcplugs :p
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  14. Amazing...
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  15. I did too for a bit.
    What's amazing?
  16. Whoa whoa whoa. Who's AlexChance3 then…? :eek:
    And bravo. Good thread. Nice to meet you Kayla, I'm Pen. Jade might have mentioned me once or a few times. :p
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  17. I actually also lied about my age when I joined EMC, but it was for a different reason. When I joined, I was only 12 and I had heard from my older brother that you had to be 13 to join. At that time, I had no idea that you could get permission to join, if you were younger than 13. My profile says I'm 16. I decided to disable showing that, because I'm not 16 and you can't change your age on these websites.
  18. It's chancey pants.

    But thanks pen :) it means a lot. I know you. I think she said something about madeon and a turning table. Not sure doe
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  19. Nice to re meet you Makayla. My name is Luke. I told you your name was awesome. It's great to hear that you're happy. Oh and didn't you miss an alt?
    See you around sometime.
  20. Hello! We haven't met too much anyway, so nice to meet you! :D I have anxiety and depression as well so if you ever want to talk about it go ahead and hit me up! I know venting can help quite some bit. :)