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  1. I don't know if I really deserve to be posting this...
    I'm SparklesFTW, I joined EmpireMinecraft on Thursday. I really liked it, and I read the rules, but other people were talking trash so I thought I could avoid that rule. I got banned, but the ban will be lifted on Tuesday I think. This is a great server, my residence is on smp9 and me and my friends are starting a campsite for collecting materials on smp2. I hope to someday become a supporter!
  2. Hey Welcome to the Empire, We here like to hear from ever singe one of the new members.
    PS: Read the rules carefully.
  3. I know, I broke the "Thou shalt not use excessively foul language" rule I think, unless it was the rude and disrespectful rule. Thanks for welcming me, lol
  4. np, Ever new person should be welcomed
  5. Yeah, take your time off to read through the guide for anything you're not 100% sure of. I wouldn't worry about one blip, just learn a lesson from it. Welcome to our community, nontheless. And everyone deserves to say hello. :)
  6. Kk, thanks :D Lol, hopefully I can make some friends on this server despite my early ban. I didn't really get to meet anyone the short time that I was around.
  7. I'm happy it was only a temporary ban and it was less than 10 days :D If it was more than 10 I'd lose my residence, if it was more than 30 then there goes everything :p This server's amazing though, the tutorial, the shops, all that :D I couldn't find it anywhere on the website, I know there's a TEXP leaderboard, but is there a Rupees leaderboard?
  8. I dont think so.
  9. Aww :( I wish I could see where I stand on the leaderboards lol
  10. By the way, who's the owner of this server? I'm still not sure if it's GameKribJeremy or JustinGuy :p
  11. Justin does almost all of the coding as I understand it. Though he refuses to wear the title "Owner".
  12. No there isn't I myself think its against hackers, since they can easily target those with much money. Also it does not give a nice view about people. Most people who got a lot of money don't want people to know how much they got.
  13. I can't believe that all of the players in the EmpireMinecraft community are so kind to each other, it's amazing that there's so many members and almost all of them get along. How do you even remember people's names? XD
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  14. Justinguy is in charge of the server but gamekribJEREMy is in charge of staff and admin,
  15. One at a time. :)
  16. ya and even then its hard.:)
    Over 25,000 people play
  17. We tend to say that Justin deals with the tech and Jeremy deals with the community. :)
    Of course, there's overlap.
  18. ya that pretty much sums it up
  19. 25,000!!! The main server I play on only has about 10 to 30 players at a time...
  20. 424 players currently online... Brings tears to my eyes!
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