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  1. Im back for a few days... Computer charger blew the breaker. Charger burnt up...
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  2. Just know something I learned while I was gone... No one can tell you what to do the right way. The right way is to put others before yourself, unless it's certainly important. Love everyone please...
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  3. Hai dere :3
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  4. I am glad I get at least some time with you guys... Party on SMP1!
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  5. Hey buddy.
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  6. Ina time capsule, I put millions of rupees worth of items in it... I can't find who had it going... I forgot everything. Help me find it please...
  7. deathtomb I think
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  8. Alright, I'm leaving today!
  9. Huh? You just got back and you're leaving?
  10. Hey skrillexrocks, I remember you. Long time no see.
    Leaving again? Why so soon? :confused:
  11. Idk you but why you leaving?
  12. i think the reason is because he put like 2million rupees worth of items in the time capsule and missed it. ragequits are sad...
  13. I know that this is old and sorry for the bump. But I have been denied the access of my items... rip. Just letting everyone know. I want to make sure that everyone on EMC knows that they shouldn't rely on others to keep something safe. Don't make the mistake I did. Just want everyone to learn that.
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