Hey guys i'm new

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  1. I am looking forward to meet you all! catch me in game if you want to talk!
  2. welcome to the empire! hope to see you around ;)
  3. Welcome to the greatest online community in Minecraft , be sure to consider smp2 as a home server and if you want more experience and fun in Empire Minecraft, consider becoming a supporter for great perks and more residences :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire! Quick question do you have any pets? Maybe some cats?
  5. Welcome!

    Don't forget about the Empire Guide! It's a great tool if you have ANY questions! The community here is very helpful as well! We've got some AWESOME members!
  6. Welcome ducky! Which server will you reside on?

    Try smp2

    Try sk
  7. Welcome To EMC!

    *Let the wave of people saying join SMP4 begin*

    JOIN SMP4.EMPIRE.US Were the best SMP
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  8. GO SMP4!!!!!!!!!!!! We have cookies :D
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  9. Smp2 it's the best! and also I like how only well known people have posted so far.. and supporters xD
  10. SMP4 RULES!!!
  11. Welcome to the Empire and beware of the Potato it's evil :p
  12. Welcome to EMC, all of the servers are full of amazing people, and are great. I play on all. Hope you are enjoying your time on the Empire!
  13. ^This gentleman bought a double chest of dirt (the cheapest good on EMC) for an obscene amount of money, bought a lowly beggar a rare artifact, and rented out the signature of the most-frequently posting member just to display pictures of cats. He is the local wealthy eccentric, feed him with care.
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  14. That looks very copypaste...

    But anyway, welcome to the Empire! :)
  15. Welcome to the empire :)
    *Continues Nfell's wave about SMP4
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  16. :p

  17. smp5 is the greatest :D
    oh and welcome to EMC!
  18. smp2 is the greaterest :D
    Hello from da pirate! Arrrrgh
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