Hey guys, Hope I can help and get some friends here :)

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Would you like to introduce me to your group or be my friend?

Yeah, why not? 15 vote(s) 75.0%
Nahh sorry dude 1 vote(s) 5.0%
No, I think you are a griefer 1 vote(s) 5.0%
Not for now but welcome 4 vote(s) 20.0%
YES! Welcome to my group :) 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello Hello there :)

    As the title says, Hope I can help and get some friends.
    Anyway, 50 Things you probably didn't know about me:
    1. I just joined minecraeft
    2. I just joined EMC
    3. I joined because of Eclypsis and his awesome videos
    4. My Name is Andrés and I'm from Colombia
    5. I'm 17 Years Old
    6. I have a Dad and a Mom but my Dad died in combat. He used to be Sargent in our Colombian Army.
    7. I have a little sister
    8. The most important thing for me in live is passion for your work
    9. Followed by love
    10. Followed by friendship
    11. Followed by loyalty
    12. Followed by truth
    13. Followed by respect
    14. Or in another order, they seem all in the same level of importance for me.
    15. My Internet Speed goes from 10mb to 30mb (down) and is 4G (no ethernet nor bandwidth)
    16. I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese, a little of French and a little of Italian (I hope French and Italian still hang around)
    17. I study Marketing and Advertising
    18. I have a Post-Graduate Degree (before graduating) of Digital Marketing
    19. My passion is Online Marketing
    20. I love mailchimp
    21. I hate Benchmark Email (If you work here or have anything to do, please contact me for some suggestions and don't feel bad about this, nothing personal, just business)
    22. I love Wordpress
    23. I hate Joomla
    24. I love XenForo (score for you Justin)
    25. I work with a company that provides education in Marketing and Online Business for LATAM
    26. I have been working in this since 15
    27. I play a little Battlefield on ps3
    28. I play a little blur on xbox
    29. I love to buy stuff on envato marketplaces. It's like going shopping for girls
    30. My credit card is not actually my credit card but I use it and I pay it so no problem
    31. I will definitely not talk more about either my credit cards or my bank accounts, that would be dumb.
    32. I love girls (sorry gay guys, You'll have to miss this beautiful body :p) *All respect for Gay guys, I have gay friends and I respeact it 10%%*
    33. I do Freeletics (4 times a week) I'm on the 6th Week (just passed hell week)
    34. My favorite Wordpress theme is U-Design
    35. I don't hate anyone for anything. At all.
    36. I will buy all my family gifts this year, I've been saving for it.
    37. My computer can handle minecraft just fine.
    38. My computer's processor is an AMD 8150
    39. My computer's graphic card is an R290x (Sapphire)
    40. 16 Gigs of RAM just handling the drill
    41. My favorite color is blue
    42. There is no number 32
    43. Maybe you realized that there is 32 or maybe you just went back to check
    44. You know that number 44 is 100% true
    45. Either you think that move was dumb or you laughed
    46. This list won't make 50 truths, Maybe 45
    47. I wan't so badly to find some friends (in minecraft, in real life got enough)
    48. My avatar is a finger pointing at you, that means that I care about you and I respect you and I know you are there, I give you the position you diserve.
    49. I stay away from drugs, alcohol, everyone should do the same.
    50. I just becamed a Gold Supporter. Eclipsys actually did convinced me of that, a no-brainer support ;)
  2. Hey, if you want we can go mining together sometime :D
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  3. Hey men, thanks. Sure! My GMT is Eastern. I usually connect from 7PM to 10PM and from 6AM to 7AM. Please let me know via message whenever you are online and We'll hit the outposts ;)
  4. Sure, I am in EST time zones but any time works fine or me. I know a good spot at an outpost I made that has lots of diamonds :)
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  5. Welcome aboard sir, hope you like it here!
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  6. Thanks. Have a nice minecraft day ;)
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  7. welcome! if you ever need anything, just let me know I am on server 4. and if I am not there you can always send me a pm on here! come visit on 4 anytime! have fun!
  8. Good evening :D
    Good to meet you!
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  9. Welcome I live on smp6 and my group you would say would be bitemenow15 (one of our moderators) and Nickblockmaster.
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  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  11. Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  12. Welcome to the Empire.

    Yes, that 32 number thing got me :p. Anyways, I'm jknrlz (just say the letters as they appear). Member of SMP7, the chilled out and relaxed bunch, you should come on by if not live on SMP7, just a recommendation ;)
    Hope to see you round :)
  13. The power of youtube combined with imagination :D! You're one of the few who actually follow me to EMC!

    Thanks for that, and hopefully you'll have a great time on EMC.

    My builds are scattered all over EMC, some of them are catalogued here: http://ieclipsys.deviantart.com/
    and some other older ones here: https://eclipsys.imgur.com/

    I don't know how many of those are still on the servers.

    Soyea, enjoy your stay and if you need any help just shout :p

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  14. Hello and Welcome :)
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  15. Welcome! Good to see new faces around here!
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  16. Welcome! Hope you have a good time! :)
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  17. Hey just woke up for some minecraft before work and I see all this messages. Thanks guys you are awesome :)
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  18. Welcome to EMC!

    Thanks for being a supporter. I like to help new people learn about the wild, and mining, and emc specific rules and monsters. There is a lot to learn and that keeps it interesting and fun.

    Your list was very informative. I am also in EST so you might see me on smp4 or smp9 any night of the week. It sounds like you will fit in just fine here.

    For me, it's more fun doing projects with people who can type, so we can communicate and work together, so score 1 more for you in my book.

    Good Luck!
  19. That was informative, I feel like I've known you all your life. And you know nothing about me.. well not much. I feel like a stalker.

    Just one question: Why are you pointing at me? What'd i do?
  20. Oh... that's why you are pointing at me.. how do you know me? Are you stalking me?