Hey everyone!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Light_Trainer but you can call me L.T!

    I hope to have fun in the Empire and I especially like to thank sue1298 for all of her help!

    Aside from Minecraft, I also like Pokemon, MLP, and Hetalia!

    Thanks for having me here!
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Light_Trainer! Enjoy! :)
  3. Thanks!
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  4. Welcome to EMC!:)
  5. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  6. Thanks everyone!

    BTW Skare, what's smp4?
  7. One of our 9 servers, smps 1-9 (plus the supporter server, Utopia) each with their own Unique and Diverse communities
  8. Welcome to the empire! :D
  9. Welcome and which smp are you on?
  10. I'm hoping EMC =P
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  11. ...
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  12. Hi L.T. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  13. Hi LT,

    Welcome to Empire Minecraft, and SMP2 in particular ;) hehe, I had a hunch when you mentioned Sue (also an SMP2 regular) so yah :)

    Hope you're going to have lots of fun here, and well... If you have any questions or issues be sure to ask!
  14. smp4 rules!!
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  15. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  16. Welcome to EMC!!!
  17. Welcome to the Empire, Light_Trainer!
    And, don't forget to stop by my res on smp1,
    if you wanna chat or hang out. It's on /v 2028
    Nice meeting you! ;)