Hey everyone!

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  1. Hey everybody!

    I've been playing on the server for a few weeks now (my home is smp1), and just recently decided I like this place enough that I am now a diamond supporter! Just wanted to say hello, and let you all know what an AWESOME town smp1 is. So many unique designs and friendly people.

    Now that I am a diamond supporter, I intend to expand and branch out, but I'm looking for a partner or two that want to do some mining together, help each other with builds, maybe even set up some farms in preparation for a store.

    Anyway, hello to all and if you're interested in having a partner to watch your back and help you out with those huuuuuge digs under your res, send me a message here or in game!

    Safe travels and happy mining!
  2. Hello! Welcome to the Empire Forums! Love the name and the avatar by the way :p Big fan of James bond myself.
  3. Welcome to the Empire! Do you like cheesecake?
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  4. hai! :D i have a res on smp1 i recently turned into my horse farm! hehehehe :3
  5. Smp1 rocks. I love you. Welcome! :)
  6. Indeed people
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  7. nay are you tying to tell us something in this sentence :p
  8. zomg, i think i'd love being a horse. where is my fairy god mother?!
  9. With Cinderella. ;)
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  10. hehehehehehehe with as scooby doo would say :D
  11. Hai, a few things you need to know.
    1) Aikar is the ruiner of the economy.
    2) Everything is aikar's fault.
    3) If Nick5013 sees this thread, he will ask if you think he's pretty. You have been warned.
    4) Jcplugs shall always be called pugs, and battmeghs shall always be called meghs.
    5) 72Volt is the king of lava walls. 'nuff said.
    That's it, have a great time here! ;)
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  12. I see no mention of lava walls. Damnit, Qwerty, this is why we can't have nice things! :mad:
    I joke, of course.
  13. Fix'd. ;)
  14. Only in AMAs.
  15. That is better.
  16. Muffins!
  17. I prefer pie, but I wont turn some cheesecake down if you're offering!
  18. Hello Alec, having played on the server for over a year I can honestly tell you that you have come to the right place. Whether you like building, site seeing or even hanging out with awesome people EMC has it all!
  19. A bit of quote editing, are we? ;)
  20. Just for Batmeghs :D

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