Hey Everybody!

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  1. I'm DonaldDuckMG42! My name is a reference to the old war movie The Dirty Dozen. I prefer to go by "Duck".

    I'm an Airman in the United States Air Force, and proud of it! Hence, my current skin is Air Force dress blues. I'm from the great state of Texas, and I'm proud of that too!!!

    Hope to have fun on this server with everybody!
  2. Welcome to EMC :)
  3. hope you have a good stay
  4. hope u have a good stay
  5. Welcome to the Empire! Build the world up with us. If you have any questions, fire away :D
  6. Welcome to the server from the other side of the world (Netherlands) :)

    Hope you're going to enjoy it here. Be sure to ask if you got questions, EMC is quite a complex server providing tons of features; so don't try to take it all in at once, I doubt you'll succeed :)
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  7. What SMP did ya appear on? And welcome.
  8. Welcome to EMC! 1. Thanks for your service! 2. TEXAS! 3. If you ever need anything please lemme know :)
  9. Welcome to the empire, Donald Duck! :p (Dont worry, I read your intro.. ;))

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  10. Hey welcome to EMC and <skeleton noise> which means have a awesome time here ;)
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  11. Welcome to EMC, where we are a 100% eldritch entity free... most times.
  12. Welcome to Empire Minecraft, Duck! :)
  13. *Unless you're on SMP8...
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  14. Hi Duck. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  15. Welcome to EMC if you have any questions just ask!