Herro people of this earth!

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  1. I'm new to this Empire thing, so let me introduce meself. I'm yuya7712! I like mining and redstone :D. and i'm a horrible typer so i prefer skype so i can talk to yous people :D. so ya this is me and im going to start my adventure right mow so cya later people of Empire!

    P.S. i also like being random and wird :D
  2. Welcome to EMC! :)
  3. Wlcome to EMC, have you chosen a home server yet?
  4. Welcome to the empire, where the servers troll you!
    If your good at redstone, mabye you should be my repair man
  5. Yus i have chosin a home server its 7 :p and may be a rapair man! We shall see
  6. smp7 isnt a great hope server, not many , malls there and it is usually a ghost town, I would suggest smp1 or smp2 unless you like smp7 as is ;)
  7. Welcome! :D

    D: Heyyy don't disrespect my server.
  8. I love it ^-^
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! Make sure to visit us on smp4!
  10. I like blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meat you!
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  11. I use smp7 for the wild.... xD
  12. ill be sure to vist all the servers in due time :D

    P.S. i also like pokemon
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  13. IPokemonI is the guy to talk to then, you see him on smp1.
  14. kk, cause i love pokemon to death :3
  15. Who doesn't? o_o
  16. IKR!?!
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  17. A dead person, who loved Pokemon to death and then died.
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  18. Welcome to EMC!
    Its great to meet new members that have joined the Empire!
    And as regards to your home server....
    All the servers are different because there are different people on.
    Its the people that make a server --- not the name.
    Everyone here is great so all the servers are great.
    I think that the quote on quote Best Server is any server that you chose to be the best.
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  19. Great, hope to see you around, smp7 is my home server as well :D
    Lies! smp7 is the best home server, true we are short on malls, but there are several in progress. As to the ghost town, we're more populated then 4,6, or 8, and often 5 and 3. So don't be dissing on my home server XD
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  20. Hi, welcome to the Empire!