Helping You With Your Mini-Bosses!

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  1. Do you have a mini-boss that spawned near you or at your base but you don't want to kill it or you keep dying try to kill it? I'll kill it for free! Just PM me if I'm ingame or on the forum telling me the coordinates and I'll come out and take care of it for free! All I ask is that I get to keep any drops that it gives. :)

    Click here to PM me
  2. Wait how does this help anybody
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  3. I have heard plenty times in chat people saying there was a mini boss at their base and they died 10+ times and then gave up. Did one just 30 minutes ago.
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  4. Umm a lot of people enjoy mini bosses spawning near them so they can kill them for fun and for loot
  5. Then I guess those people don't need this service, and needn't comment. :D
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  6. And there are those who don't. Those are the people this service is geared toward, not the ones that actually killing them.
    Keep in mind, Haro, that you're less likely to get custom drops from these ones because they (could have been) spawned at a lower difficulty and have been in existence for a while, which are both factors in item/token drops. :)
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  7. Which is fine :p I have fun killing them as well.
    Then those people can ignore this.. lol
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  8. Marlix #2 has dieded
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  9. Good drops
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  10. I just want to say that this service definitely has value for the Empire, just because you wouldn't use it doesn't mean others also wouldn't. And I even speak from experience! Last evening I planned to do a "certain" review about "certain" things <insert mysterious music here> and got myself fully ready for that.

    Once in the waste a player comes up to me in local chat asking if I could get help them get Momentus out of their way because it had 'taken' all their stuff, and they really wanted to have it back, but needed help with that. Well, sure thing. Of course I had to change my inventory a little, but alas.

    Those are the moments you need to realize that you might be older, or more experienced. Also: it's easy for me to talk anyway because normally I'll never lose my gear (voter armor + tools), though in all honesty I have also fought Momentus several times without voters gear (so I actually had to run up to get my stuff back, then continue fighting).

    So yeah... I think this is a wonderful service, also because you're offering free help. Would I actually need help like this I'd definitely want to make a small agreement up front on who gets some of the drops, but other than that....

    +1 from me :)
    (I know this isn't a suggestion :D)
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  11. Really? I thought it only matters at when difficulty to fight them at. Also I have noticed many times a message saying 'Momentus Has Fallen' 'Effective Difficulty: 0'. Very odd.
  12. Lol, once I killed a Marlix with one shot, saying its effective difficulty was 1. I was like, wow, this is very anti-climatic.
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  13. This is a current bug Kloned and is being worked on by the Devs. :)
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  14. Difficulty, time taken to kill, player deaths, my swag, and a few other things I can't remember are all factors in boss drops.
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  15. There is something killing the minibosses besides players. Maybe Penguins swag, not sure.
  16. Fixed. :p
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