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  1. EMC, I have been here a long time. About 400 days ago I joined this server and loved it, now it seems like there's nothing left for me to do and no one to talk to. I enjoy the community and I love the brilliance behind how the server runs. Boredom has come to me through this server now and I don't know what to do. Maybe it's because we aren't 1.9 yet (Which I realize is out of everyones will of helping ) or maybe I've done my time here. I want y'all to leave a suggestion on what you want me to do here and everyone who participates ( No Alternate Accounts ) will receive 10k for helping, when I get on of corse.

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  2. You can create places for the empire community for example farms and outposts or town farms ect
  3. I suggest you try to make your own weekly event. Maybe you could make your own game, like making your own version of Rainbow's Firefloor? (with a different game of course) Maybe look on other mini game servers and see if they have any games that you can make in vanilla.
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  4. ww2fan, where is your spirit when you joined back??? I definitely have a lot of fun on EMC especially causing havoc... erm I mean creating new friends with everyone in the empire :p

    This would be your second time saying this you don't believe in the empire as a fun place. I remember a youtube video stating you can't single yourself to one task on Minecraft. It bores you to death. Try something you haven't done before? Talk with other members on different smps, create redstone contraptions, build new structures, create a event. Do something and alternate it. As for me, I created groups so I can talk to other members of the empire which in turn help my name be out there for events. I create pixel art which is a still a new thing and now I am alternating my current pixel art with a farm island build. Heck I am even hosting a Giveaway and I never done that before! What I am saying, just do something new than quit altogether. EMC alone is a very diverse server and it brought me back almost a year ago.
  5. I would love to see some pixel art. Not sure if you're good at it, but with a little practice, some tutorials, and imagination, you could become a pixel art master.

    I'm in a similar predicament... I've drifted away from playing in-game, but I lurk the forums, and pop in every once in a while. Good luck!
  6. I went through a similar thing a while ago. Kinda stopped playing, lurked the forums, still loved the community although most of my IRL friends had stopped playing.

    What I found was that I needed something to look forward to, a goal or project to work towards. Right now that's a public transportation project (click my sig), next I'll probably work on a concept outpost or a megamall. It forces you to get involved more in the community, and to work towards something.

    It can be anything, as long as it's pretty challenging. Make a giant piece of pixel art, or the most profitable shop you can with one chest, or a giant farm, whatever.
  7. Collect milk buckets
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  8. Why not start hosting weekly events?
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  9. You can talk to me;)

    When I got bored once I went out to the wild, lived there for a month or two. Then after an appropriate amount of time, go back to town and have a lot of fun!:)
  10. I can afford two more people!
  11. Try joining an outpost, its great :) Maybe also try something completely out of your comfort zone
  12. What you need to do is take a break and let an idea come to you. You are the only one who can truly re-interest yourself in EMC.

    If you are like me, you have extensively looked through the forums and have exhausted all ideas you find multiple times, thus almost everything that you see suggested will already have crossed your mind or is a variation of some idea.

    You will come up with an idea, eventually. But what you need now is a break from trying to force yourself to have fun.
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  13. I build giant things, it's what keeps me entertained and when I am done no one else can say: I did that already. No one has built my island with a guardian farm underneath and a village on top and an armada of ships with flying dragons(that part is still to be seen) This particular project is going to take me a long long long time. every time I get something done on it though I get more proud of it.

    Whenever I get bored of building I start making rupees just because. I built the farm and it requires quite a bit of maintenance in order to make money off of it. Crafting, transport, sales.

    When I get bored of both things I generally start stalking the new people. I will go visit their res and throw them a few building blocks and ender pearls and ask them a few questions. My favorite interaction with new people is finding them in the waste and sneaking up on them because they don't have /map open. I have found a few people in precarious situations... one was fighting a marlix, with quite a bit of flair at that.

    Other times I don't even get in game because I spend hours on the forums either replying to silly discussions or forum games or auctions to spend all those useless rupees that my farm and shop made me.

    As far as 1.9, we will have years to play with that, not a big deal. Just have a little patience it won't be long.

    There are tons of people that like to make neat suggestions whenever you post something like this. I saw someone one time said they had "refurbished" an abandoned mineshaft and made it so that it could be used, which is a very very cool idea.

    There is also like a million different worlds within EMC in all the different outposts around. Some people have modern themed outposts, medieval, nature-ish, fancy stuff and utilitarian things. I have yet to be to an outpost that reminds me of another outpost... except those super utilitarian ones that don't add much glitz to the glamour... if ya know what I mean.

    There is also the economy. If you like spending your time chasing the value of items and making profits off of transactions and wagering risks on where to invest money then you can find plenty of entertainment between the mass produced items like the sea blocks or the rare items like special items or the over inflated items like promos or the items whose value is high based on something that makes sense like quartz and obsidian(they are a pain in the butt to get)

    The people of EMC. On the forums it seems to be a big thing everyone goes on about all the time. How great their friends are or whatever, blah blah. I guess you could try talking to new people and making more friends. If you are bored venture outside your boring zone and visit another SMP and go talk to someone else. :D I heard from a birdy you went from an exciting smp to a boring one... maybe go back to the exciting smp :p
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  14. BUMP!

    Please tell me if you'd like the rupees or not, as I know most people don't want them... Time to answer a few of these.
    I believe there are already many of these ;) Like RandomZH's stone mine and a few others.

    I might do that :) Great idea honestly

    Yes it is my second time saying that I have been bored here, not saying that it's not fun though. As I said, I enjoy the community it's just I don't know what to do here ;) I like to help the community and try to bring fun. I might be double contradicting myself but Im still a teenager so what do you expect :p

    Start a PM with me here :)

    Surprisingly I am in an outpost... I'm not an outpost person honestly. I've tried them for a month and it just didn't stick with me :( Great idea though

    I actually started a project that I'll probably finish when Senior Staff message me back about a road edit :p As for economy that is a good idea but knowing my history with buying items I usually buy them for more than they're worth :p
  15. I think you could set up a charity that benefits other players, perhaps newbies or recently-griefed. This would mean that even though you no longer find as much enjoyment, you can still make other players have fun!
    EDIT: Just noticed you have been on for 460 days and 22 hours, exactly the same as me :D
  16. Make ^ that a blog post please :) I'll give you 10r even...
    ...but seriously, there are a lot of people who get bored and don't know what to do next, and lots of NEW people who don't know what to do when they start. So why not make that a blog post? please!

    *and ww2 you can talk to me anytime. I enjoy our conversations
  17. Sure I'll take the money, it'll make you feel good about giving to the peoples ^_^
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  18. I had been kind of inactive for the most of 2015, and probably also 2014, but I came back for two (and probably many more), kind of tied together reasons:

    - Playing with my irl friend (Jelle68). He's a great guy, and he often comes to my house in the weekends to play some EMC with me. (more on this later)

    - The massive project Jelle and I have started. For this project, a lot of things need to be done, for example, many residences need to be claimed, a lot of area needs to be designed, a lot of rupees and materials need to be gathered, and the most difficult of them all, time needs to be found. Due to the sheer size and diversity of the project, we can be sure we'll still be working on it in 2017, maybe even still in 2018. All this is still fun because I'm doing it TOGETHER! I don't have many "real" friends irl (2 in fact :p, 1 for school, and 1 for outside school), but I don't think I would have even 20% of the fun I'm having now and in the future without Jelle. It's just so much fun trying to work towards "finishing" this project, it has made EMC actually fun for me again (not saying it wasn't, but now I do more than jumping around on chests, and log in close to every day)!

    So I'm actually quite lucky to have such a friend, and to be able to do our project together. :)

    (maybe this wasn't that much of a tip, just a story I wrote (on my phone!) about my EMC life. Rupees are always welcome by the way, they will go towards the project. :))
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  19. Hey ww2fan, first of all, I love the project your working on. I finally got myself over to see what you were doing with the donations and i like it. Thank you for the sign on the wall with my name (could you give it a lower case m in the name, i know details, details:rolleyes:) I Know i am getting in to this late but, you could try to join staff, Dont know if would be fun but it would keep you busy lol.

    I like to wander the wild and frontier personaly leaving Safe houses with supplies and what was said before about following (stalking) new players sounds funny. I too, like to go to new players and give them a welcome basket of building material and items to get them going along with info for a quick kick start.

    i like the ideas of Event planing and running of them. There is that teleport spot in town spawn that has been inactive since i have been here that is supposed to go to mini games or something. Maybe you could build the the game area so the link can become active. Be the official builder for staff events ( Dont know if they need that). Example...If staff wants to hold a get together with a halloween theme, they can have you build it. Frontier spawn area restoration in your spare time.

    The thing I love about the game is I can usually find something else to do if I get frustrated with something.

    I think you could be a great game design master, give it a try.
  20. That's possibly the best response that you could have made. Also I'd like the rupees bc I'm a broke sellout.