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  1. I've just joined back to EMC and was in need of help finding my friends/co-workers in the old Waste Rescue Squad. I was the Leader of that and wanted to start it back up but need my old friends to help. Message or mail me so I can tell you my old account thank you and have a fantastic day.

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  2. If you know their names then use: /p <name> in-game, that might help you find them. Another option is this forum, click on the 'Members' menu option (see top of your screen, on the right), scroll down and you'll find an option "Search members" on the right; that might also help.

    But searching in-game might be better for you. There is a bit of intelligence in this system, so searching for a partial name might also help you out. And if you find them then a simple: /res list <name> is all you need to find their residences.

    Hope this helps!