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  1. What happend? How do i fix it?

    I just want to play EMC :(

    i have been having this problem since yesturday
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  2. I think you should just turn Minecraft off and on, that will help
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  3. The same result. :(
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  4. Internet connection?
  5. I checked , The internet works but MC does not :(
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  6. Maybe start your PC up again?
  7. Didnt work..........:mad:
  8. Had same problem yesterday afternoon (UK time) with any online servers but was ok with single player, but ok now
  9. Use a different texture pack or install ofiTfine
  10. Usually when it's, it means its an issue with the Minecraft verification servers at Basically, just gotta keep trying until you get in (they fix it).
  11. I know what you need! Change the format of minecraft.exe to a java file,
    extract mc.exe
    Put the files in a .zip and rename .zip to java format
  12. I Thought it was a server problem, but didn't have the noos to say it :rolleyes:
  13. I did not understand a word of that....
  14. It's working :)
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  15. How did you get it to work mine is doing it now :(
  16. Its happening again...........:mad::mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  17. What??
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  18. You could try flushing the DNS on your computer.

    Steps: Windows->XP, 2000, Vista or Win 7
    1. Open the Start menu.
    2. Go to Run.
    3. If you do not see the Run command in Vista, search for "run" in the Search bar.
    4. In the Run text box, type: ipconfig /flushdns
    5. Press Enter or Return, and your cache will be flushed.
    Steps: Mac
    1. Go to Applications.
    2. Go to Utilities.
    3. Open the Terminal application.
    4. Type: dscacheutil -flushcache
    5. Press Enter or Return, and your cache will be flushed