[Help] Would I allowed to do this?

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  1. (Before you ask, I felt like this didn't belong in the Help and Support section)

    As most of you know, I'm hoping to revive "What if the EMC Staff..." in March, but I'm not actually sure if I can do one of the things I'm hoping to do...
    This is going to be a very vague explanation but I was hoping to introcude different classes to make the whole series have more... uniqueness to it. Give the people who want to be in it more of a chance to choose what they do. I have about 7 different classes in mind, some being more kind while others are more.. not so much...
    Two of the not so nice classes I have in mind are "griefer" and "hacker"
    Would I be able to use these and ask people if they want to become one for the sake of the series? Obviously it would all happen here on the forums and the selected players would have nothing to do with it in game. It would be purely for roleplaying purposes...
    I just don't want itto sound like I'm trying to promote this kind of activity. Obviously it will be shown in quite a bad manner, since I don't agree with any of the two.
    Can someone, preferably a staff member, just clear this up for me?
    I don't want to draw the ref sheet for it but then end up having my thread taken down for misappropriate things in it...
    I can give more info if needed in a PM, I just don't want to give too much away before I actually get this finished in March >.<
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  2. Hey I think it was handy you asked this question in advance, in case I'm going to make some minecraft drawings in the future about griefers too. :D
    And when working on my minecraft drawings I question myself a lot too. Not really about promoting bannable offenses, but more like "Is this too cute or too serious for minecraft?" >.< Or too weird lol.

    Edit: and if you want to make me a griefer or hacker in the series, go ahead! Would be interesting to see how you'd imagine me griefing/hacking :p
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  3. I do not seeing it being a problem. Maybe a simple disclaimer on the actual forum post like...

    *hacking and greifing is bad mmkay? This thread does not promote it and neither do I! This is for enertainment purposes only!*

    Or something like that.
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  4. Thanks for clearing that up for me :p
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