Help with some piston and redstone

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  1. So recently I was talking about building a rainbow runner,

    and I did


    But I'm having two problems(pictures below) 1. the pistons are wonky, they pop out anywhere, but the machine is still working fine, and when I re log it fixes itself. 2. I have weird red stone 'hot spots'

    Any suggestions would be awesome
  2. I had a piston the other day with two wooden faces, might be caused by a loading error. Like you said, it didn't affect the machine at all, just looked weird.
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  3. It is caused by the new version of java. If you are using the new launcher it will automatically download it. All of these bugs are just visual/player-side
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  4. So, project for today: go over all your residences to see if I can look at this masterpiece myself. I love it already cdjs! You're quick!

    I'm not too sure if this is related to the new Java version. I'm also on 1.8, doing my share of Redstone as well but so far haven't run into any problems. What seems more plausible to me is the MC version which you're using. The server is still using 1.7 so connecting with a 1.8 client could cause some glitches. Some are minor (like the "free" lapis you see when brewing) and others are more problematic (like the new recipes which work different).

    As to those "hot spots": don't worry about 'm, that's by design. Its basically an indication that your signal is split (going several ways instead of one). Invaluable if you're trying to trigger something while you're not fully sure if it'll work:

    (sorry if I'm overdoing it, I love messing with redstone, its almost weekend; I can't help it! :) )

    Here you see 2 "hot spots" which indicate that the signal is split and sent 'into' the piston but also continues straight on.

    If I connect the middle piston then you can see right away that it would no longer work, merely by looking at these "hot spots":

    Now there are 3 more. And as you can see; the spots behind those pistons clearly show that the connections are only local (to the other 'hot spots') and not so much to the pistons. So here we need a little help to make this work:

    Adding a repeater fixes the problem. Its not only used to boost (or repeat) a signal, more than often you'd also use a repeater to keep your signals separated. Like you can see here. Now all the pistons get triggered; and we're back to 3 'hot spots'. One for each piston.

    Also notice the 2 blocks in the background. No 'hot spot', no connection and as you can see they're also not triggered.

    Hope this helps to clear things up a little.
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  5. You can visit (/v5409 run ) and play. I am working on perms atm. Thanks for all the advice! and great screenshots.
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