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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RainbowChin, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Due to me placing and then re-egging the special Incitatus horse, it has lead to it looking like this.
    Is it possible for the lore to be put back on it?
    (Just for the point of my collection)
  2. What is the problem exactly? :p
  3. Look at the egg, it's lost the lore
  4. I hate that too.
  5. lore? :p
  6. The writing on it.
  7. It does that to everyone :p Nothing you can do about it right now, Aikar will probably fix it if he wants it fixed
  8. Uh no I'm pretty sure that's intentional. If you've ever noticed if a collector buys a promo horse, they usually ask if it's "used" or not, and they almost always pay less if it's like that because it's less collectible :p
  9. I wasn't saying it happened to just me, I was asking if I could have it put back on.
  10. That's kinda the way to tell if the horse is used :p

    I doubt the staff would put it back on, because it affects the value of the horse.
  11. Yea...
  12. It shouldn't be fixed IMO.. Like I said it affects value.
  13. Why does it matter if it's used, it's still the same horse.
    Again, how?
  14. BUT collectors won't want it as much because it doesn't have that tooltip from the original promo

    Collectors don't buy things to use them, they buy them for collections.
  15. Which is exactly why I am asking for it to be put back on.
  16. Which is exactly why the admins won't put it back on. It will become more valuable.
  17. *Back to it's original value.

    And besides, they've come to a reply, it's not possible, just not for any of the reasons mentioned here actually.
  18. Egg not used... collectors item..

    Egg used...ordinary horse with fair-stats....

    its like bending a baseball card, or getting grime on a coin, once its "damaged", used, not in its original condition, its not worth as much.

    make sense?
  19. Ill buy the used horse you got :p
  20. But these could be "unbroken".
    They would still have the same stats and the coloured name, the only difference is the missing lore.

    And as already said, It can't be done, but purely because it would take up their time, not because it would become more valuable or anything like that.
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