[Help] Vault pages?

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  1. I was browsing the forums and I had just remembered an update that involved this so I tried to search for the thread and couldn't find it. Then some questions popped into my head.

    How many pages can you have?
    Could non-supporters get them all?
    Can you open vault in wild/nether now?
    How much does each page cost?
    How do you buy them?
  2. How many pages can you have: 2 for regulars, 5 for iron donators, 25 for gold donators and 50 for diamond.
    Could non-supporters get them all: No.
    Can you open vault in wild/nether now: Have you tested this?
    How much does each page cost: 10,000r.
    How do you buy them: Type /vault expand
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  3. Actually, with the use of treasure vouchers, it would be possible.
    You would need a lot, but it could be done.
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  4. I thought I had seen somewhere that when you had like 50 or 100 pages you could open it in wild.

    I don't want to get them now.. :(
  5. That was discussed and seemed to be heavily agreed on, but nothing ever came of it
    *EDIT* at least you can go for the free vault maybe?
  6. This was discussed, as mentioned above. But was ultimately declined. I find them VERY useful. Bought up to 5.. And use them almost every time I am on. Plus with 5 vaults - it is free to use. no more worrying about wasting money past the initial investment.
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  7. I don't really use my vault and I rather use 10 rupees every month than 50k for a lifetime.

    If this thing would open in wild, I'd totally buy the 50 pages to do so.
  8. Yep exactly why I invested in getting 5 pages. I tend to use the vault a lot more now that there isn't any worry of being charged :)
  9. We decided against the vault in the wild idea, but do have other more fun ideas that would accomplish similar things as that would.
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  10. Could you say some spoilers? :p