[Help] Some rules to clear up.

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  1. So, I have two questions for you people

    1) So, I am wondering if it is legal for me to buy a game (Simvcty in this case) with rupees, I've seen people selling games, but not buying. Is this legal?

    2) Are auto-clickers legal? They technically aren't mods, and don't really do anything other than save your index finger from breaking. What about these?

    Thanks for your time, and I love constructive criticism, but hate it when people come onto my thread and say "wut a loozer. u r 2 cheepe 2 bi gaimz urzelf. u shood go di!! we dun n33d peepz this cheepe on da empir3 :mad:"

    I still dislike, but prefer
    "You shouldn't ask people to buy things for you, even if you pay them"
  2. 1. Legal, unless it's auctioning or something similar.
    2. Illegal.
  3. Auto clickers are? Why/How?
  4. They create an unfair advantage over other players.
    Cant do anything while you are not physically there (afk), also could do things not intended with vanilla minecraft.
    Although a few legitimate uses. Way to many ways for it to be abused.
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  5. Am I allowed to use auto-clickers while staring at me punching? (So not being afk)
  6. I think the general rule is that if you are able to respond to a staff in a very reasonable time while using it then it is okay. Otherwise and generally it is not a good idea to use them. If caught using them while not at your computer you are fully deserving of any punishment for an illegitimate use of an auto button clicker.

    In short, like the chicken said, they have uses, but you really should stay away from them.

    If you are uncertain, don't use them. ever.
  7. Since when was this legal? Last I heard, it was 100% illegal because of this.
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  8. Actually, I believe you are not allowed to sell anything in game for real money, but you are allowed to sell real things for in game money.
  9. I would need a particular mod to approve/deny on that. Not doing a blanket statement on 'auto-clickers'
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  10. i think this is accurate, i know admins have approved in game transactions for things liek steam game codes and stuff but there wasnt really buyers protection
  11. Huh, I thought it went both ways.
    I think it should be noted in the rules that you can sell certain staff approved codes and such for in game items, and that there is little to no buyer protection. *starts clucking to get someone's attention*
  12. I think auto-clickers are ONLY legal IF you are still at the computer while the mod/program is running, and the mod/program can NOT act faster than normal human reflexes.
  13. What I am wondering is, if I held a pay-to-enter lottery to win a steam code, would that be allowed?
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  14. seeing how I use a macro function that is hardwired into my keyboard
    it only acts so that instead of having to hold down w i press a button that has no key up code in it
    or when attacking mobs clicks at a rate of .5 seconds
    if its not aloud ill stop using it, but since I have to click them, and unclick them for them to function, I don't see it as an auto function
  15. Now this is ok; but if you like put a 'book' on your mouse so you can just sit and kill mobs all day (not ok). And with it only being like .5 seconds - that is VERY realistic compared to what you can do as a normal player (not to fast).

    Does that make sense? of course if Anyone has a specific situation - feel free to ask; but we (as staff) can not spell out and anticipate every use to say whether it is ok or not. ;)
  16. I had a discusion with chickeneer about an autoclicker called AutoHotKey that takes ages to script. Unfortunatly even the script I wrote to make paper out of sugar cane from a full inventory didn't make the cut. So I can't use it even thought it would have helped me lot in the repetitive task of crafting paper.

    But fair is fair, If a Moderator says you can't use it "You are not allowed to use it"

    Now just need to wait until a vanilla approved mod that would allow us to do this sort of xbox crafting deal.
  17. One mod (which is allowed) but not updated to 1.7 which can simplify a few minecraft task - essentially doing what his keyboard macro does. But anyway.
  18. Just use the Macro mod, makes crafting a breeze.