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  1. It may be an issue with your Internet Provider, I had the same issue when I wanted to setup a server. Your provider may not allow it.
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  2. Portforwarding has a lot of variables that have to be in line for it to properly work. My suggestion is to download uTorrent, a free torrent program, go to the settings, and set the uTorrent networking port to 25565. This should automatically open it up. Just keep it open while you want to run your server :)
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  3. Make sure your firewall is not blocking the port. This was my issue when I was trying to set up a server.
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  4. I think you could watch a youtube video so you know what your doing for sure is right.
    But I really dont like how this really needs to be that hard to setup. I always had these problems :)
  5. Penguin may I ask why your creating a server?
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  6. Yes.
    I made one, haven't tested it really. I know I can play.
  7. I had a preset server set up quite a while ago as I was too lazy to make one myself, however I never port forwarded it and it required Hamachi to run. I would do as the above people said - make sure your firewall doesn't block it. I ran into that when I took a ham-fisted attempt at setting up a server. I too am quite curious about what you're using this for. :rolleyes:
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  8. I have done it in the past so that's not the case.
    Unfortunately my firewall is not the culprit here. :(
  9. Try using both TCP and UDP for starters.
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  10. Just ask Akilar he will know what to do
  11. Not always... =P
  12. I could never get the default port of 25565 to work for me, so I changed to a different port and it worked great.
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  13. Do you have any idea on where to start for that? lol
  14. The port I used was 25278. I also use a Cisco router.
  15. I have a Cicso too... I tried changing the port with no luck. :/
  16. As said before: TCP/UDP, this is most likely your issue. TCP is the control part whereas UDP the data part. This is how my DrayTek router is setup which allows my gf to play on my LAN server:

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  17. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to help. :/


  18. In all seriousness, if you can afford it, trying buying a server off a host.
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  19. Haha... but I wouldn't pay for a server. Just not worth it with what I'm doing.