Help Save The Jungles!

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  1. Me and ThereRNoBirds are currently restoring a jungle 10-20 minutes from spawn. We have been successful enough, but when the reset comes, more jungles near the spawn will be grieved immediately, so we were hoping the community would help.

    All proceeds go to planting new trees in the farther out Jungles AFTER the reset, and are made payable to me, MEINCRAVTA. Since the reset is taking a wild to decide on, the cords of the jungle we are restoring NOW are 1924,824 on SMP6. We use our own materials to restore this jungle, but have abandoned the outpost because of the reset.

    You can help by donating items, too. The chests for bone meal and saplings are at 13266, on SMP6, and all item donations are greatly appreciated. If you want to come on the trips, just ask!

    Member Rewards include:
    Ocelot Eggs (1-2)
    Axes (1-2)
    Jungle Logs (32-64)
    Jungle Leaves (30-64)
    Jungle Vines (10-30)
    Jungle Saplings (2-6) Note: Please use these to replant trees, but if you need more saps, plant these and shear for more.
    Raw fish (1-5)
    If you would like to become a member without donating a large amount, just PM me, and you will receive the same rewards but to a slightly lesser extent.

    PM to become a member if donate items.

    I will give cords to all members, so start a conversation and report whenever you donate or go by yourself to replant.

    ALL donations are greatly appreciated, please help us restore these wonderful biomes, but remember, you can chop trees, but try to replant when you chop a big one.

    Thank You!
  2. I'm all for restoring the wild, but you do know that it's all going to be reset shortly, right?
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  3. This is for AFTER the reset. We know there will be 2x as many jungles and are prepared to deal with the griefed ones close and far from spawn. You can donate early to get benefits, so we can supply our trips after the Reset.
  4. Certainly you can understand my confusion...
  5. Of course, I will change it right now.
  6. I'm in it but only if I can get a cool signature made saying help save the jungles or something ;D
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  7. here is your signature :p can i be a member too if i donate 10-20 saplings and some rupees?
  8. All I can say is good luck with this venture. You're going to struggle I think.
  9. Try to stay on the edge, Jungles lag horribly when your in the middle of them.
  10. lag is not the worst thing in there:

  11. Of course, just say /r pay MEINCRAVTA amount, then i will set up a chest for you guys to put donations in, just tell me when. My res is 13266 on SMP6
  12. How do i put the sig in?
  13. Yeah, but Ocelots spawn so much, i can get 6 + every time I go, if you donate or wanna join, i can hook you up with some eggs
  14. Just click on the sig, you come on a website and there you copy the BB-CODE
  15. Thanks, hoping to get some donations soon!
  16. dude the money the forests bring to the economy is huge so i don't think this is necassery but im fine with you doing this.
  17. Yeah, i know, this is so people can benefit off the jungles
  18. Im in
    I already have 2 stacks of jungle saplings off of farming and I would like to help
  19. I've started to build a jungle at res 406
  20. The problem with jungle trees is that there is so little canopy per tree that the saplings are very hard to farm. So the easiest way to farm jungles is to decimate the ones in the wild..... :-/