[HELP/POLL] Huckle's 1st Res

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Keep this residence?

Yes! 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No, destroy it. 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Hey emc,
    Some of you may know that my 1st res on SMP8 is home to The Empire State Building, and The Big Ben. I built these roughly 7months ago. I am at the stage where I don't know whether I should keep them or not, they are pretty much only for decoration. So, I want you, the people to decide.
    Please vote above or comment below, also if you have any suggestions of what I could do with this res please comment!


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  2. Make a promo shop. 'Nuff said.
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  3. Good idea! I'll add it to the list! :)
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  4. I figured just voting wasn't sufficient, so here goes...

    I've visited your residences (no permissions to tp to your 2nd) and well, I have to agree with caden here. If you could open them up someway and "re-purpose" them then it would probably be much nicer than when you tear it down.

    Thing is; this stuff is part of your history. Both buildings also don't really take up that much space (in comparison and when looking at the fact that you got 4 residences, where one of them is even hardly used (4th res. is pretty much empty, 3rd res. is mostly storage combined with some contraptions and I haven't been to your 2nd (too lazy ;)))).

    And also; they're pretty nice buildings IMO. And I like your style; I visited Ben ;)

    So yah, I'd definitely try to keep them!
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  5. Wow thanks :D. That really opened my eyes, I may consider doing this. Oh and my 2nd residence is my mall, so move flag is off for all until opening :)
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  6. Okay. So, those buildings are actually pretty cool. But they aren't too useful, you think.
    Well, important in your decision is knowing what you want to do with the res. You shouldn't just take this down, and then don't do anything with the free space it created.
    If you were to tear this down, you'd have to have a good reason for it, and a clear plan on how the space it'll free up will be used.
    I personally think that you shouldn't destroy them. They don't take up too much space, and there's enough room on this and other residences of yours to build new things. Moreover, these builds don't have to stay only for decoration. You could definitely make something useful inside of the empire state building.
    So, I think you should keep them, and if you want to remove them, you'd need to know clearly why you're removing them.
  7. Could make it a tourist attraction sort of thing, you already have two iconic buildings, add some other iconic things in, add a awesome roller-coaster and sorts. A nice place for people to visit and with what others have said with making it a kind of shop you could make a gift shop for visitors in case they wanted to buy special things (aka promo items)
    You already have two great buildings with much more space to use, no sense in getting rid of them, utilize them and add more in.
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