HELP! PC(HP) Infected with virus! D:

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  1. So I was trying to download Four Walls Survival PvP map for my server (This is NOT server advertising). But when I was playing in the map an antivirus popup appeared and then all the screen got covered with "FBI signals" and stuff like that. I think that it's a malware thing that takes your info and passwords, or something like. It has blocked my main administrator windows account, also. If anyone knows how to get rid of this please help! I'm bad with all this technical stuff... I have a HP computer (not laptop) if that helps. It runs on Windows XP and its annoying, it keeps popping up when I'm trying to use the Internet and open websites. Someone please help me I'm so scared!!!!!! :(
  2. dont you have anti-virus? and you should always scan things from the Interwebs ;) there is not allot you can do now if you dont own any anti-virus but if you do just scan your computer and delete the mal-ware
  3. Sounds strangely like IamSaj's problem.
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  4. don't get Norton Norton: "renew you're subscription" you: "i have new program!!!!"
  5. Um... You could say that I had the same problem and I copied his thread because I'm lazy... And you could have reason. :D
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  6. That's the problem. I can't delete the infected files because the antivirus "does not find the file"
  7. DONT GET ON THE INTERNET. It will kill your computer.
  8. step one get Google chrome step two get W.O.T. if the wheel is red then no go to there!!!
  9. I can't resist. Internet governs my mind since school ended. And also, Internet does not kill your computer; VIRUS kill your computer.
  10. wot tells you about bed websites
  11. I have Google Chrome because IE crashed and I can't run it anymore :( Also, more and more files are being infected each minute! I need a solution NOW :confused:
  12. you use windows?
  13. hmm :/
  14. why would you use IE anywaqy D: GC FTW!!!
  15. I'm making a security copy in my pendrive and then I'll reset my entire PC if someone does not find a solution. My Document file is beginning to get infected.
    I don't know, I've always used IE...
  16. I suggest first off is finding somewhere to put all of your information, as the virus can delete or share them with others. Secoundly, what anti virus are you using? Some anti virus things either suck and just give you warning to give the impression they are doing something, and some are fake themselves. I cant help you if I dont know what the virus id. Also, I suggest not acessing any sites that can be major, like a credit card site or your email. If you lose hope, you may have to get all of your information onto something and clear your PC.
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  17. Crap. I entered my email, EMC page, Minecraft, and Skype.
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  19. In fact, just use my system restore method in IamSaj's thread.

    If you seriously cannot find the accessories folder, just go into safe mode and search for the program System Restore.

    Then, restore to the last day that you DID NOT have the virus. Have a good day :)
  20. well I have a feeling if you try Google chrome and use all of its cool features you will begin to notice how good it is :D