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  1. Hey guys, magic here. And I dont know if anyone has this big or knows how to fix it, I cant click ont he item or shift click, I can only click and hold, and drag it to where I want. Crafting is Extremely difficult. Ill upload a screenshot of how it looks. Please help!

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  2. I've had a problem like this before. Just restart your minecraft. Also, do you have any mods installed?
  3. I have no mods installed, and restarted minecraft and computer around 3 times, it doesnt work.
  4. Ok. When you open minecraft just try doing a force update.
  5. It still didnt work :(
  6. Ok then. I can't help anymore. Sorry :(
  7. Do you have the the .minecraft folder you can send me? And I can re-install my minecraft folder. I only have the servers on there
  8. It seems as if the items themselves are bugged, not to the client but to the server. Perhaps deleting the items if they're only dirt or even dropping them and then throwing another of the same item on the ground so they group and update.
  9. Ill try it, but I dont think it wil work
  10. No, that didnt work either. If someone could send me their .minecraft folder that would be great.
  11. Are you able to throw the items on the ground at all?
  12. Yeh, but all the items in the world are bugged for me
  13. Can you describe what happens when you do the following tasks in a chest GUI:-
    1. You single click a stack.
    2. You right click a stack.
    3. You left click while holding down shift.
    4. Hover over item and press the 1 key.
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  14. That is very odd... So everything works normally although you cannot shift click items?
  15. I cant click at all, only number 4. Same goes with my inventory
  16. Nothing works. Only a weird drag thing. and clicking the number while hovering over items
  17. The force update feature does not completely reset your Minecraft and so you could perhaps try this:
    1. Navigate to your ".minecraft" folder
    2. Delete everything apart from servers.dat, options.txt, saves, screenshots & stats.
    3. start "Minecraft.exe"
    4. Click on options>Force Update
    5. Close Minecraft once you reach the main menu
    6. Start Minecraft again and see if the problem persists
  18. Try pressing the shift key on the right hand side of your keyboard, this sometimes fixes such inventory issues.
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  19. Ok ill try it guys. Thanks if it works xD