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  1. I need help, I have just launched my residence on smp3, but no one is coming. The way I can tell is if they put their username on my members wall. If you can't advertise your res/shops on chat, how do people know your shops are open?
  2. You can advertise, however, it should just be when people are asking for something you're offering.

    You might also like to advertise through different mediums:
    • Forum post in Products & Businesses topic
    • Add +shop and +mall tags to your res
    • Ask friends to direct their visitors to your own res
    • Purchase ads on other people's residences
    • Put links/ads in your signature:
    • Get involved in shop database programs and threads
  3. You can advertise it in chat as long as it is relevant to something someone asked. For example, "Does anyone sell ###?" and you reply, "My shop at #### sells that. Come on by and check it out."

    You can also put a little line into economy chat about your new shop since that is partially what it is for.

    You can also use the EMC shop database and add your items and prices. Players searching will see your stuff and check it out.

    Finally, you can post a thread on the businesses and services forum about your shop.

    These are all great ways to get your shop noticed in no time. Best of luck!
  4. How do you make the 2nd bullet point and the last one?